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From Russia With Love (1957)
Diamonds are Forever (1956)
Moonraker (1955)
Live and Let Die (1954)
Casino Royale (1953)

GoldenEye images
First edition UK hardcover (1995)
First edition UK hardcover (1995)

UK paperback edition (2012)
UK paperback edition (2012)

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Swedish title:   GoldenEye 
ISBN:   N/A 
Original price:   16.99 GBP 
Author:   John Gardner 
Number of pages:     
Weight in grams:   N/A 
Dust jacket design by:   N/A 
First released:   November 1995 
Released in Sweden:   1996 
Translated to Swedish by:   Anders Bellis 
Volume:   N/A 
Format:   Hardcover 
Publisher:   Hodder and Stoughton 
Plot:   She is beautiful. She is Russian. And she is very, very dangerous.

Once Xenia worked for the KGB. But her new master is Janus, a powerful and ambitious Russian leader who no longer cares about ideology. Janus's ambitions are money and power: his normal business methods include theft and murder. And he has just acquired GoldenEye, a piece of high-tech space technology witht the power to destroy or corrupt the West's financial markets.

But Janus has underestimated its most determined enemy ... James Bond. 
Characters:   - Alec Trevelyan ... Villain
- Bill Tanner ... Friend of Bond
- Boris Grishenko and General Ourumov ... Minor villains
- Caroline ... Bond girl
- Jack Wade ... Friend of Bond
- James Bond ... Hero
- Natalya Simonova ... Bond girl
- Valentin Zukovsky ... Friend of Bond
- Xenia Onatopp ... Bond girl/villain 
Locations:   Cuba, London, Monte Carlo, Monaco, and Russia 
Comments:   A novelization of the screenplay by Michael France and Jeffrey Caine 
Ian Fleming Publications:   http://www.ianfleming.com
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