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FSWL celebrate the famed Swedish actor Dolph Lundgren on his 60th birthday (born on the same date as legendary James Bond film composer John Barry). Dolph debuted on film in A View to a Kill.

With this page, we would like to extend our best wishes to the Swedish action hero and remind everyone to check out the interview with Dolph that we did about his work on A View to a Kill.

"Grattis på födelsedagen Dolph, FSWL är väldigt stolta över dig!"

About Dolph Lundgren: (official biography)
Hans Dolph Lundgren was born and raised in an academic middle-class family in Stockholm, Sweden. Despite an early interest in playing the drums and clowning around in high school comedies, Dolph decided to follow in his father's and older brother's cerebral footsteps and pursue an engineering degree. After having completed his military service in the Swedish Marine Corps, Dolph enrolled in the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, studying the same subject as his older brother: Chemical Engineering. He attended both Washington State University and Clemson University in South Carolina, studying Chemistry on various scholarships. He graduated from The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, completing his Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering on an exchange program with the University of Sydney in Australia. Graduating at the head of his class, Dolph was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, one of the world's top engineering schools.

That same year the young Ph.D. student met the exotic singer Grace Jones and fell in love. He decided to move to New York City and take up modeling to make some extra cash. A bit too muscular for a model's size 40, Dolph was to begin at MIT a few months later. On a friend's advice: "Hey man, you look like you should be in the movies"…this is where it all began.

His motion picture debut came in the James Bond feature A VIEW TO A KILL in 1985. However, it was Dolph's memorable performance in ROCKY IV later that year that definitely got him noticed worldwide. After a nine month audition process, among 5,000 hopefuls, Dolph was cast by writer-director Sylvester Stallone as his fearsome Russian opponent, Captain Ivan Drago. Dolph grit his teeth and managed to build quite a career as an international action-hero and has since starred in more than 50 feature films.

Throughout the ups and downs of Hollywood, Dolph has always stayed close to the Martial Arts: "Karate and physical fitness have kept me reasonably sane in a very tough and often spiritually empty business." After completing a grueling examination, Dolph was awarded his third degree black belt by the World Karate Organization in Tokyo. His other athletic accomplishments include being the captain of the Swedish National Karate Team and the individual champion of the Swedish, European and Australian Heavyweight Full Contact Divisions. In addition to his Karate expertise, Dolph was selected by the U.S. Olympic Committee to serve as the Team Leader of the U.S. Olympic Pentathlon Team during the 1996 Atlanta Games.

After getting married, Dolph spent considerable time in Europe, raising his two daughters. In 2009, Dolph received a call from his old friend Sly Stallone: 'Yo, Dolph. I got this script…' He ended up co-starring opposite Stallone, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger in the box office hit, THE EXPENDABLES. "It was terrific working with Sly again and he had created a very colorful character for me the picture," says Lundgren. "It also felt great to be back on the big screen again'. Soon, EXPENDABLES 2 followed and last year, Dolph reprised his role as comedic action-man Gunner Jensen in the highly anticipated EXPENDABLES 3. This time featuring an even bigger star-studded cast, adding Mel Gibson, Wesley Snipes, Antonio Banderas and Harrison Ford to the worldwide action franchise.

As well as being a seasoned actor, Dolph has directed five feature films. His production companies Thor Pictures and Red Orm Productions are currently developing several projects, in which he will produce, star and direct. His latest directorial project was a feature he co-wrote and directed: COMMAND PERFORMANCE produced by Avi Lerner at NuImage Films.

Dolph is currently producing and starring in SKIN TRADE, an action-thriller about human trafficking, that he also co-wrote. 'This is a script I've had for seven years and I never though it was going to get made', says Dolph. 'It's incredibly exciting to finally stand on the set and realize that it is actually happening. Especially working with actors like Ron Perlman, Peter Weller, Michael Jai White, Celina Jade and Thai martial arts legend Tony Jaa.'

Dolph is also a founding member of 'Group of Eight' an off-Broadway theatre group started in the 90's.

Shortly after ROCKY IV, Dolph released his workout video, MAXIMUM POTENTIAL. He is currently working on a fitness book for men: 'TRAIN LIKE AN ACTION STAR', which will be released this fall by Sky Horse Publishing in New York. In addition to the book, Dolph is also developing a personalized organic brand of vitamins and supplements.

He has two teenage daughters, Ida and Greta, who reside in Europe. Dolph is currently living in Los Angeles with his fiancée Jenny Sanderson, a Swedish artist and photographer.

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Photo above:
Dolph Lundgren with Robert Davi in Los Angeles in August 2014. © From Sweden with Love.

Visit Dolph Lundgren's official website for more about the Swedish action hero:



29-31 JULY 2016

007 James Bond related guests is scheduled to attend this year's edition of London Film and Comic Con at Olympia London including the Big Swede aka Dolph Lundgren and the Great Dane Mads Mikkelsen.

Dolph Lundgren (Venz in A View to a Kill 1985)
Appearing: Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Autograph Price: 55 GBP on flat items / 65 GBP on shorts or gloves / Photo Shoot Price: 55 GBP
Sunday Talk Price: 20 GBP

Diamond Pass - 250 GBP - includes:
• Priority access to Dolph's autograph and photo shoot queues
• 2 x Guaranteed in-person autographs on any item (including shorts or gloves)
• 1 x Standard Photo Shoot with Dolph
• 1 x Entry and priority seating in the Dolph talk
• 1 x Limited Edition Print

Famke Janssen (Xenia Onatopp in GoldenEye (1995) 1995)
Appearing: Saturday & Sunday / Autograph Price: 45 GBP / Photo Shoot Price: 45 GBP / Talk Price: 20 GBP

Diamond Pass - 170 GBP - includes:
• Priority access to Famke Janssen’s autograph and photo shoot queues
• 1 x Exclusive Famke dog tag
• 2 x Guaranteed in-person autographs on any item
• 1 x Standard Photo Shoot with Famke
• 1 x Entry and priority seating in the Famke talk
• 1 x Limited Edition Collage

Jeremy Bulloch (HMS crew man in The Spy Who Loved Me 1977, and Smithers in For Your Eyes Only 1981 and Octopussy (1983) 1983)
Appearing: Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Autograph Price: 15 GBP / Photo Shoot Price: 15 GBP

Mads Mikkelsen (Le Chiffre in Casino Royale 2006)
Appearing: Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Autograph Price: 40 GBP / Photo Shoot Price: 40 GBP

Diamond Pass - 155 GBP - includes:
• Priority access to Mads Mikkelsen’s autograph and photo shoot queues
• 2 x Guaranteed in-person autographs on any item
• 1 x Standard Photo Shoot with Mads
• 1 x Entry and priority seating in the Mads talk
• 1 x Limited Edition Mug

Steven Berkoff (General Orlov in Octopussy (1983) 1983)
Appearing: Saturday
Autograph Price: 15 GBP / Photo Shoot Price: 15 GBP

Vic Armstrong (Stuntman, stunt coordinator and 2nd Unit Director who has worked on seven James Bond films)
Appearing: Sunday
Autograph Price: 15 GBP / Photo Shoot Price: 15 GBP

Wendy Leech (Stuntwoman in For Your Eyes Only 1981, Never Say Never Again 1983 and three of Pierce Brosnan's James Bond films)
Appearing: Sunday / Autograph Price: 10 GBP

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23-29 MAY 2015

The Big Swede, Dolph Lundgren, will be one of the participants in this year's Gumball 3000 race that kicks off in Stockholm, Sweden, on May 23, 2015, and ends in Las Vegas on the 29th.

Movie star Dolph Lundgren, has entered the 2015 Gumball 3000 rally with Team Betsafe, joining the likes of Jon Olsson, David Hasselhoff, Lewis Hamilton and many more along the star-studded journey from Stockholm to Las Vegas.

"Gumball 3000 is without a doubt the world's hottest rally and it feels fantastic to be a part of this and get the opportunity to drive for Team Betsafe. There will be some fast paced days starting in my hometown Stockholm and across the Atlantic to finish in Las Vegas. This trip will not resemble anything I've done before," says Dolph Lundgren.

Update 22-5-2015: Swedish action legend Dolph Lundgren, representing Team Betsafe, is ready to drive a Ferrari FF from Stockholm to Las Vegas in less than a week. The rally starts Sunday May 24th, be sure to follow Betsafe's social media channels for daily updates from the road.

• Saturday 23rd May
Driver Registration // Stockholm
Time: 09:00 - 23:00
Location: Gustav Adolfs Torg & Norrbro, 10322, Stockholm

From 9am throughout the day, Gumball 3000 cars will start to arrive from all around the world, parking up on display on Norrbro (North Bridge). All cars will remain on display overnight until the Rally begins at 12pm on Sunday.

From 12 midday Live Music & Entertainment will commence on stage at Gustav Adolfs Torg featuring a very special guest act in the evening completely free for the public to enjoy!

• Sunday 24th May
Gumball 3000 Cars Depart // Stockholm
Time: 09:00 - 15:00
Location: Gustav Adolfs Torg & Norrbro, 10322, Stockholm

Gumballers will jump into their cars on Norrbro ready to start their 3000 mile epic journey. At 12pm the start flag will wave and all cars will cross the start line on their way to Oslo!

Top Secret Checkpoint! // Sweden
Time: 16:00 - 17:30
Location: Top Secret!

A private late lunch in a scenic location for the Gumballers to enjoy!

Stay tuned for details about Dolph's Stockholm to Vegas supercar!

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Visit the official website of Gumball 2000 for the latest news and show announcements:



A chance to meet VENZ - aka Dolph Lundgren - i Melbourne

As part of Dolph Lundgren’s Australian tour in April 2015 the big Swede visited Melbourne where Red 8 Agency hosted a couple of Q&A’s with the man himself. On Friday evening, 10 April, a Q&A was held to mark the 30th anniversary of ROCKY IV, and two nights later a Q&A was held prior to a screening of 1992’s UNIVERSAL SOLDIER.

Dolph Lundgren Melbourne Rocky IV Universal-Soldier
For the author of this article, Lundgren’s visit constituted an unofficial 30th anniversary celebration for A VIEW TO A KILL. I’ll take a celebration wherever I can find it. It is probably a well-known fact – particularly within the FROM SWEDEN WITH LOVE community – that Lundgren (the then-partner of “May Day” herself, Grace Jones) found himself making his on-screen debut rather unexpectedly during the filming of the 007 thriller; pulled off the sidelines, as it were, by director John Glen to portray the KGB agent, Venz. As we have all observed in numerous viewings of the film, Venz is genuinely taken aback by the physical power displayed by Jones’ villainess.

I missed the boat for attending the ROCKY IV screening, but managed a ticket for UNIVERSAL SOLDIER. For anyone versed on Eighties cinema, Dolph Lundgren is, to use an overused term, an iconic figure. While the response was mixed for ROCKY IV, Lundgren’s granite-jawed, ultra blonde boxer nemesis, Ivan Drago, made a tremendous impact – a silent, relentless Michael Myers-type figure who, as the film progresses, stirs a Frankenstein’s monster-level sympathy in the audience member. Drago’s lines are minimal, but certainly impactful when they arrive – both camp and highly intimidating in their simplicity and directness.

So to catch sight of Lundgren in the cinema’s foyer – in a low-ish cut black shirt, tightly fitted black jacket and stonewash jeans, with his short hair spiked Drago-style – was an odd pleasure. What’s he doing stepping into our world? Each audience member was granted a photo with Lundgren, and his friendly, respectful and approachable manner was a true pleasure. He was eager to ensure that each of us received a quality snap, often positioning us to make certain we were well framed by the ROCKY IV banners. Also, considering all his Supanova convention commitments over the weekend, he was surprisingly energised and engaged. But I should have reminded myself this is the man who penned FIT FOREVER.

The Q&A for UNIVERSAL SOLDIER was hosted by Red 8 Agency’s Dan Deltondo. Dan is a huge fan of Eighties and Nineties actioners, and he noted that action films just aren’t the same today … before promptly adding “except for films like THE EXPENDABLES and SKINTRADE (Lundgren’s latest)”. The straight-faced, quick-thinking diplomacy earned a broad smile from Lundgren.

Dolph Lundgren Melbourne Rocky IV Universal-Soldier
Anyway, some observations on the Q&A: Lundgren noted that UNIVERSAL SOLDIER was a significant step forward in headlining (or co-headlining with Jean-Claude Van Damme) a large blockbuster production; there seemed to be a great deal of esteem in the room for the Lundgren and Brandon Lee co-starrer (and cult classic), SHOWDOWN IN LITTLE TOKYO (I can’t claim to have seen it!); there was an appropriate shift in the otherwise cheerful tone when a question was asked about the human trafficking backdrop of SKINTRADE; and Lundgren’s response towards whether he felt his EXPENDABLES character, Gunner Jensen, had perhaps been denied the opportunity to shine in the star-overcrowded third instalment garnered the night’s biggest laugh (“I think everyone felt a bit ripped off. Except maybe Sly [Stallone].”)

Dolph Lundgren Melbourne Rocky IV Universal-Soldier
When Dan suggested it was time to roll on with the screening of UNIVERSAL SOLDIER, and thus allow Lundgren the opportunity to depart the venue, Lundgren added he’d like to stick around and at least watch the opening scenes. And so Dolph won us over again, as he strode up the aisle to take a centre row seat. It was another odd pleasure to see his large frame filling something as mundane and everyday as a cinema seat. But by sitting amongst us, we were, in a sense, given a reminder of the star actor’s dependence on a willing cinema audience.

I’m pretty sure I heard a laugh from Dolph when a female audience member whistled at the sight of Van Damme’s naked derriere during the film’s second act. When the 102-minute film reached its conclusion, however, Dolph was nowhere to be seen. How did he sneak out without an accompanying applause? Did he threaten nearby patrons with the possibility of retributive violence should they be misguided enough to squawk?

Dolph Lundgren Melbourne Rocky IV Universal-Soldier
I didn’t record all of Lundgren’s Q&A (technology issues, alas), but I did capture an anecdote that I felt was most representative of the seemingly humble – even slightly shy – man we had observed during the evening. Talking about ROCKY IV, Lundgren noted an event both petty and amusingly humbling that occurred prior to the shooting of one of the film’s press conference scenes.

Over to you, Venz…

“I’m just sitting there in my trailer. No assistants. Just sitting there. And I get a knock at the door. It’s the producer. He’s a nice guy. He says, “Look, there’s just something we need to do – don’t worry about it – we just need to measure your trailer.” And I’m “Okay. Alright.” And two guys come in with measuring tapes, and measure it – one end to the other.”


“Fifteen minutes they come back and say, “I’m sorry you’ve gotta move.” The trailer was a little longer than it was for some other guy.”

Who? Who do you mean? Burt Young? Carl Weathers? Talia Shire, perhaps?

“Welcome to Hollywood.”

Written by Andrew McNess © 2015 From Sweden with Love

Editor's note:
FSWL contributor Andrew McNess is also the author of A Close Look at A VIEW TO A KILL.

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11-19 APRIL 2015

The Big Swede, Dolph Lundgren, has made an amazing career comeback in recent years. Best known for starring roles in the films Rocky IV, Masters of the Universe and Universal Soldier, Dolph reaffirmed his action hero status in The Expendables 1, 2 and 3, alongside Hollywood heavyweights Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Dolph is currently working towards his latest release, Skin Trade – a thriller he starred in, co-wrote and produced.
Update: FSWL was fortunate to be invited to the UNIVERSAL SCREENING, read our report here.
Dolph is headed for Australia in April 2015 and look forward to meet you at the events below including a special 30th anniversary screening of Rocky IV.

Dolph's schedule:
• 11-12 April - Supanova Pop Culture Expo at Melbourne Showgrounds*
• 12 April, 6.30-9.30pm - Universal Soldier screening in Melbourne. Exclusive event organised by Red 8 Agency limited to 60 people.
• 17 April, 7.00-10.30pm - Rocky IV & Universal Soldier double screening in Brisbane City. Also an exclusive event limited to 60 people.
• 18-19 April - Supanova Gold Coast at Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre in Broadbeach*
• 19 April - The World premiere of SKIN TRADE at The Arts Centre Gold Coast (part of Gold Coast film festival)

*Dolph will conduct a general admission Q&A each weekend, and participate in signing and photo sessions (autographs is 60 AUD each and photographs 70 AUD each) throughout each Saturday (10:30am to 4:00pm) and Sunday (11:00am to 4:00pm).

(Dolph's appearance is confirmed, health and other commitments pending.)

Editor's note:
FSWL was invited to an event with Dolph in Los Angeles on 26th February, 2015. Read the report from FSWL contributor Mark Cerulli.

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Bond alumni George Lazenby & Richard Kiel were special guests at Supanova in June 2014.

Visit the official website of Supanova for the latest news and show announcements:



Dolph Lundgren in support of Sweden’s Sigtuna Boarding School

In conjunction with the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles, Sweden’s prestigious Sigtuna School held a mixer at the upscale Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica. FSWL was invited because the guest of honor was Bond alumni Dolph Lundgren, whose daughter was a student at the school.

Dolph Lundgren Swedish American Chamber of Commerce
Since his debut in A View to a Kill (1985), Lundgren has had an enviable career in a notoriously fickle industry. His films were always entertaining and Dolph gave every role his all, including Rocky IV celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, which made him an international icon – a spot he’s held ever since! In addition to the timeless Universal Soldier (a personal favorite), which Lundgren pretty much stole whenever he was onscreen, he’s also made a (huge) number of action films all over the world. His old Rocky foe, Sylvester Stallone, tapped him for all three Expendables films (I, II and III) - proving action heroes don’t fade away; they just get stronger...

In a courtyard full of attractive Swedes, Lundgren easily stood out. Up close, he looks amazing, still tan and fit, with an easy smile. When he walks into a room, you know it. During a brief chat, I mentioned he looked as good as he did in 1985. The star replied, “Well… maybe 1987.”

Dolph Lundgren Swedish American Chamber of Commerce
When he addressed the crowd, Mr. Lundgren mentioned that he had originally studied chemical engineering [at Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and University of Sydney in Australia] before getting into showbiz. (“Picking up a machine gun” as he put it.) He also spoke about the difficulties of a celebrity father finding proper schooling for his kids, especially when he is on location for months at a time. When his daughter had educational issues at a private school in Spain, he hunted around for a school that could teach and nurture her – and the Sigtuna School was the perfect solution! Her grades improved and he was happy with the results. Then he turned the microphone over to his stunning daughter Ida, who spoke about her experiences as Lundgren watched with a smile – proof that even the toughest of action heroes has a soft spot when it comes to their kids.

For more information about Dolph Lundgren, visit the official website.

Written by Mark Cerulli © 2015 From Sweden with Love

Editor's note:
After years with HBO/Cinemax, Mark Cerulli formed his own company, Covert Operations, Inc. where he has done a number of docus, promos and industrial videos. Over the years, Mark has conducted over 120 celebrity interviews including Bond alumni Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, Caroline Munro, Honor Blackman, Famke Janssen, Guy Hamilton and Ralph Fiennes.

In the 1990's he worked on James Bond DVD projects such as The Making of Goldfinger (1964) (wrote and co-produced a 23 minute documentary on the filming of the 007 classic) and The Making of Thunderball (1965) (including a 26 minute documentary on the historic 1965 Bond film). He also wrote, produced & directed Halloween: Unmasked for Anchor Bay Entertainment, as well as DVD docs on Halloween 4 and 5. More recently he wrote and produced content for the EPIX movie channel, including Twist & Shout: The SAW Story.




Publication of the English updated and adapted version of Fit Forever (Bonnier Fakta, 2011), the autobiographical fitness book written by Swedish action hero Dolph Lundgren who made his screen debut as a KGB man in A View to a Kill (1985) directed by John Glen.

Are you ready to take your exercise and fitness routine to the next level? Then take a lesson from internationally renowned action hero Dolph Lundgren, as he shares the personal fitness secrets gained from a lifetime of hard-fought experiences on camera and off.

Dolph has created a personal philosophy of fitness based on martial arts, yoga, strength training, biochemical research, professional sports, and over forty starring roles in classic action films. It’s a logical, fun to do, and a surprisingly easy path to total fitness - whether you’re at the office, with friends, playing sports, or even in class. This is the ultimate lifestyle to improve your health and build your physique!

Dolph Lundgren: Fit Forever - his autobiographical training guide - features weekly training programs, daily menu planners, guides to equipment and gear, fantastic photos from behind the scenes of Hollywood action movies, and much more! His special tips include:

• Briefing: The reasons you need to get fit
• Mission: Personal training and health philosophy
• Weaponry: How to best combine strength exercise, cardiovascular, and flexibility training
• Special Ops: Stick to your goals even while away traveling
• Fuel and supplies: The best foods and supplements to build your body
• Fit forever: Stay in shape for the rest of your life!

With detailed exercise plans and over one hundred step-by-step photos, Dolph Lundgren: Fit Forever is the kickass guide to building a body that will look great and make you feel even better - forever.

Book details:
Title: Dolph Lundgren: Fit Forever
Subtitle: Train Like an Action Hero, Stay Fit Forever
Photographer: Per Bernal
Paperback: 176 pages
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1626360138
ISBN-13: 978-1626360136

Editor's note:
For other posts covering Dolph Lundgren featured on From Sweden with Love, click here.

Visit Dolph's official website for the latest information about the big Swede.

Photo above:
Cover for the US edition of Fit Forever. © 2014 Skyhorse Publishing. All rights reserved.

Order the US edition of Dolph Lundgren's book Fit Forever from Amazon:



15 AUGUST 2014

Sweden's foremost action hero Dolph Lundgren (joined by 'Bond villain' Robert Davi) is back in Swedish theatres when The Expendables 3 premieres in August 2014 following the success of The Expendables (2010) and The Expendables 2 (2012). (On March 28th, 2014, The Independent confirmed Pierce Brosnan is set to appear in The Expendables 4.)

IN THE EXPENDABLES 3, Barney (Sylvester Stallone), Christmas (Jason Statham) and the rest of the team come face-to-face with Conrad Stonebanks (Mel Gibson), who years ago co-founded The Expendables with Barney. Stonebanks subsequently became a ruthless arms trader and someone who Barney was forced to kill… or so he thought. Stonebanks, who eluded death once before, now is making it his mission to end The Expendables — but Barney has other plans. Barney decides that he has to fight old blood with new blood, and brings in a new era of Expendables team members, recruiting individuals who are younger, faster and more tech-savvy. The latest mission becomes a clash of classic old-school style versus high-tech expertise in the Expendables’ most personal battle yet.

(Expendable: capable of being sacrificed in order to accomplish a military objective.)

Official 'Roll Call' trailer: (thanks to Lionsgate Movies)

Film details:
Actors: Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Antonio Banderas, Wesley Snipes, Mel Gibson, Dolph Lundgren, Harrison Ford, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kelsey Grammer, Randy Couture, Terry Crews, Kellan Lutz, Victor Ortiz, Robert Davi, Ronda Rousey, Glen Powell

Director: Patrick Hughes
Screenwriters: Sylvester Stallone, Creighton Rothenberger, Katrin Benedikt, Dave Callaham
PG: 15
Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller
Swedish distributor: Noble Entertainment

Editor's note:
FSWL did an exclusive interview with Dolph (about his work on A View to a Kill) in June 2006.

FSWL also helped making an interview with Robert Davi possible for Club James Bond France in December 2011.

For other posts featuring Dolph on From Sweden with Love, click here.

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Photo above:
Promo poster of Dolph Lundgren for The Expendables 3. © 2014 Lionsgate and Millennium Films. All rights reserved.

Visit the official website for The Expendables 3 for the latest news and announcements:




Season 1 of Race to the Scene (first broadcast on Reelz in June 2013) is broadcast on Swedish channel TV6. Action hero Dolph Lundgren is the host for this adrenaline-packed series where movie lovers are transported from their couch and right into their favorite action scenes.

Everyone loves to escape into the world of cinema. The only thing that could possibly be more exciting - taking part yourself in the classic films. Participants compete in pairs and must perform grueling challenges, inspired by memorable movie scenes. The missions are played out in the same places where the original scenes were filmed. Go to Hollywood and see the participants struggle to the utmost, including scenes from E.T., Forrest Gump, Pulp Fiction, Speed, Terminator 2: Judgment Day and The Italian Job.

About the series:
Original title: Race to the Scene
Season: 1
Category: Series
Country: United States
Produced (year): 2013
Host: Dolph Lundgren
Genre: Real Life/Entertainment

Broadcast schedule:
Episode 1 - February 2 at 7pm
Episode 2 - February 9 at 7pm
Episode 3 - February 16 at 7pm
Episode 4 - February 23 at 7pm
Episode 5 - March 2 at 7pm
Episode 6 - March 9 at 7pm
Episode 7 - March 16 at 7pm
Episode 8 - March 23 at 7pm

Editor's note:
For other posts about Dolph Lundgren featured on From Sweden with Love, click here.

Photo above:
Dolph Lundgren in Race to the Scene 2013. © TV6/Rive Gauche. All rights reserved.

Visit the official Facebook page of Race to the Scene for more info:



17 AUGUST 2012

Sweden's (and Scandinavia's, at least in our eyes) foremost action star, Dolph Lundgren (Venz in A View to a Kill (1985) that we made an interview with in June 2006), reprises his role as Gunnar Jensen in The Expendables 2. The sequel to the box-office success, The Expendables, opens in cinemas worlwide during the summer of 2012.

Mr. Church reunites the Expendables for what should be an easy paycheck, but when one of their men is murdered on the job, their quest for revenge puts them deep in enemy territory and up against an unexpected threat.

About the film:
Director: Sylvester Stallone
Screenwriters: Sylvester Stallone, Dave Callaham
Genre: Action
Premiere: August 22, 2012
Running time: 1 hour 42 minutes

From Sweden with Love follows the production with messages from Dolph:

October 9, 2011:
"Hello from Sofia, Bulgaria! - I just finished the first week of shooting. Great to be together with the old gang again. Gunner Jensen has cleaned up his act a bit, now he's just an unpredictable drunk!
I shot some cool action scenes at the studio with Sly, Terry and Randy , but next week things get really interesting when The Governator, Bruce Willis, Van Damme and Chuck Norris show up for some major ass-kicking."

December 9, 2011:
"Wrapped the Bulgaria shoot after two long grueling months, filming will resume in China around mid-January."

Liam Hemsworth (Billy the Kid)
Jason Statham (Lee Christmas)
Bruce Willis (Church)
Chuck Norris (Booker)
Arnold Schwarzenegger (Trench)
Sylvester Stallone (Barney Ross)
Jean-Claude Van Damme (Jean Vilain)
Dolph Lundgren (Gunnar Jensen)
Jet Li (Yin Yang)
Scott Adkins (Hector)
Terry Crews (Hale Caesar)
Novak Djokovic (Himself)
Randy Couture (Toll Road)
Nan Yu (Maggie)
Amanda Ooms (Pilar)

Editor's note:
For other posts on Dolph Lundgren featured on From Sweden with Love, click here.

Photo above:
The Swedish poster for Dolph Lundgrens as Gunnar Jensen. © 2012 Noble Entertainment. All rights reserved.

Visit the official website for The Expendables 2 for more information:



26 APRIL 2012

Thanks to, here is the exclusive character poster of 'Gunnar Jensen', Dolph Lundgren's character in The Expendables 2, in cinemas August 17, 2012.

The Expendables are back and this time it's personal...

Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone), Lee Christmas (Lee Statham), Yin Yang (Jet Li), Gunnar Jensen (Dolph Lundgren),Toll Road (Randy Couture) and Hale Caesar (Terry Crews) -- with newest members Billy the Kid (Liam Hemsworth) and Maggie (Yu Nan) aboard -- are reunited when Mr. Church (Bruce Willis) enlists the Expendables to take on a seemingly simple job. The task looks like an easy paycheck for Barney and his band of old-school mercenaries. But when things go wrong and one of their own is viciously killed, the Expendables are compelled to seek revenge in hostile territory where the odds are stacked against them. Hell-bent on payback, the crew cuts a swath of destruction through opposing forces, wreaking havoc and shutting down an unexpected threat in the nick of time -- six pounds of weapons-grade plutonium; enough to change the balance of power in the world. But that's nothing compared to the justice they serve against the villainous adversary who savagely murdered their brother.

That is done the Expendables way....

Film details:
Actors: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Chuck Norris, Dolph Lundgren (Swedish actress Amanda Ooms also appears in the film), Jason Statham, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Jet Li, Randy Couture, Sylvester Stallone, Terry Crews
Director: Simon West
Screenwriters: Ken Kaufman and Richard Wenk (Based on characters by Dave Callaham.)
Production company: Millenium Films

Editor's note:
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Dolph Lundgren is attending this year's book fair in Gothenburg, Sweden to give a lecture on fitness.

An action hero, a brain researcher and a psychologist, what do they have in common? Well, everyone is involved in the Scene for the Health and Lifestyle to be held on September 24-25, 2011 at the Book Fair in Gothenburg, Sweden - along with many other exciting personalities who all are passionate about issues of body and soul.

It may seem impossible, but there is evidence that it is possible to stay in shape no matter how old or young you are. One person, who gladly share his tricks, is former action hero Dolph Lundgren, who for the first time participating at the Book Fair. He is behind one of a the 27 events at this year's Health & Lifestyle, where many views on the theme will be reflected.

Saturday, September 24, 10:30am to 10:50am – Dolph on exercise
As a skinny teenager, Dolph Lundgren discovered training and how it gave him a new body and better self-esteem. How have the 50-year-old movie star remained that fit over the years? In the book, Fit Forever, he explain and offer tips how to reach top form - and to keep it forever.

Visit Dolph Lundgren's newly improved official website for more information about him:

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Dolph Lundgren in I Come in Peace (1990, the original title was Dark Angel) for the first time released in USA as an MOD (Manufactured On Demand) widescreen edition. >Order Dark Angel from Movie Zyng

Jack Caine (Dolph Lundgren) is a Houston vice cop who's forgotten the rule book. His self-appointed mission is to stop the drugs trade and the number one supplier, Victor Manning (Sherman Howard).

Whilst involved in an undercover operation to entrap Victor Manning, his partner gets killed, and a sinister newcomer enters the scene... Along with F.B.I. agent Lawrence Smith (Brian Benben), the two investigate a spate of mysterious deaths; normal non-junkies dying of massive heroin overdoses and bearing the same horrific puncture marks on the forehead. This, coupled with Caine's own evidence, indicates an alien force is present on the streets of Houston, killing and gathering stocks of a rare drug found only in the brain...

Caine is used to fighting the toughest of criminals, but up to now they've all been human...

DVD details:
Actors: Dolph Lundgren, Brian Benben, Betsy Brantley, Matthias Hues, Jay Bilas
Director: Craig R. Baxley
Screenwriters: Jonathan Tydor, Leonard Maas Jr.
Format: NTSC
Language: English
Number of discs: 1
Studio: MGM
Run Time: 91 minutes
Number: MGM883904243878

DOLPH'S THOUGHTS: (Quote from Dolph's official site)

"It was shot in Houston, Texas in 1989. My character was more of a regular guy. I played a cop, had a girlfriend, a partner, and a real apartment to live in. It wasn't as "larger than life" as I was used to from earlier pictures. It also had a bit of a comic element, which was fun.

The director, Craig Baxley, was an ex-stuntman, actually his whole family are stunt men in Los Angeles. They performed a lot of good stunts, a lot of interesting action in the movie that we perhaps could not have afforded if we hadn't had Craig as a director.

Co-starring with me was a German guy, who was an East German decathlete, he was bigger than I was, blonder than I was, and he played an alien. I had a few fights with him. He was incredibly athletic this guy, he was a bronze medalist at the Olympics. (It was interesting that I, years later ended up coaching an Olympic team from the USA.) This guy was so motivated to do well, that he actually did all the stunts himself, he was so big, so they couldn't find a stunt double for him anyway, so he had no choice. All the falls, all the burns…he did a very good job! They made a set of shoes for him to make him taller. Each shoe must have weighed 20 pounds!"


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12-31 AUGUST 2011

Dolph Lundgren’s autobiographical fitness book Fit Forever was published in Swedish in August 2011. From Sweden With Love hosts a competition to coincide with the publication.

By entering, participants have the chance to win one of three copies graciously given to us by Bonnier Fakta, the publisher behind the book.

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To win a copy of Dolph Lundgren's book, visit the competition page:



8 AUGUST 2011

Dolph Lundgren comes out with his book on fitness, Fit Forever, in Sweden. Worldwide rights in negotiations, international releases to come later.

Dolph Lundgren is the civil engineer who saddled that and became an action actor in Hollywood. Already in the breakthrough role in Rocky IV (1985), he made himself known for his outstanding physique. And he is as fit now, twenty-six years later, something he showed last year when he became very successful as one of the hosts for the Swedish election contest for the Eurovision Song Contest.

In Fit Forever, one of Sweden's biggest stars reveals how he has remained being well-trained. There are exercise programs, tips and strengthening exercises that allow you to reach top form - and keep it forever. Dolph disclosures himself explaining how he, as a skinny teenager, discovered workout and how it not only gave him a new body but also improved self-esteem.

With Fit Forever, Dolph gives you the tools to get a body that you want and deserve. Something you can enjoy in all stages of life.

Part of the content:
1. Briefing: The foundation you need to achieve great results
2. Mission: Dolph thoughts on exercise and health
3. Weaponry: The best and most effective weight training exercises
4. Special Ops: To get in shape even though you do not have much time or being on travels
5. Fuel: The best diet for best results
6. Fit Forever: How to make sure to stay fit for the rest of your life

Book details:
Original title: Fit Forever
Subtitle: Exercise as a lifestyle
Language: Swedish
Photo: Per Bernal
Design: Pär Wickholm
Genre: Sports, exercise and outdoor activities
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 192
Format: 195x260
ISBN: 9789173630399
Publisher: Bonnier Fakta

About Dolph Lundgren:
Dolph Lundgren is an actor, writer and director in Hollywood. His breakthrough came in Rocky IV (1985) where he played the Soviet boxer Ivan Drago against Sylvester Stallone, who he also has as co-star in his latest film, the worldwide success of The Expendables (2010).

Visit Dolph Lundgren's newly revamped official website for more information about him:

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Order the Swedish edition of Dolph Lundgren's book Fit Forever from Adlibris:




The Swedish action hero Dolph Lundgren appears in the August issue of Swedish fashion magazine Café!

In the new issue of Café – in stores July 20, 2011 – we meet Sweden's foremost and biggest action hero of all time.

Café follows the giant actor in Los Angeles and get to know everything about the divorce, future dreams and dark childhood with an abusive father.

(Cover photo of Dolph below taken by Manfred Baumann. The interview in the magazine was done by Jonas Cramby.)

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More information about Café and photos of Dolph Lundgren on the official website:



24 JUNE 2011

New interview with our Swedish action hero Dolph Lundgren where he talks about Icarus (2010) (or The Killing Machine as it was titled in America), The Expendables 2 (2012), Grace Jones, Rocky IV (1985) and much more.

We would also like to recommend a visit to Dolph Lundgren's newly improved official website:

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Read the complete interview with Dolph for Rock Bottom here:



18 MAY 2011

World-wide known Swedish actor Dolph Lundgren presented his revamped site today.


"Check out my revamped site and let me know what you think!"

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Visit Dolph Lundgren's official website here:



21 APRIL 2011

Today, Swedish actor Dolph Lundgren presented news about his upcoming book on fitness.


For the past 10 years, along with making movies, Dolph has been working on his favorite project: physical fitness. This new DL FITNESS PROJECT will include a book, DVD's, seminars and Dolph's favorite fitness supplements and products.

Now everybody can get access to Dolph's fitness expertise and secrets he has gained over more than 25 years as an athlete and world-famous action star. Dolph has been in great physical shape his whole life and desires to share his lifestyle and workout system with all his fans and the public.

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Visit the Dolph Lundgren's official website here:



6 APRIL 2011

A really cool interview with Swedish action hero Dolph Lundgren about his movie Red Scorpion (1988).

We would also like to recommend a visit to Dolph Lundgren's newly improved official website:

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Listen to the complete interview with Dolph about Red Scorpion here:



16 MARCH 2011

New interview with our Swedish hero Dolph Lundgren where he talks about his work on The Expendables (2010).

Internationally recognized action icon Dolph Lundgren has appeared in 40 films over a career spanning 26 years. After making his debut in Rocky IV (1985) as the villainous "Ivan Drago", Lundgren has gone on to portray such beloved characters as He-Man (1987) and The Punisher (1989). His recent role in The Expendables (2010) reunited him with long time friend and on-screen rival Sylvester Stallone. Dolph Lundgren has directed six feature films, the latest being The Killing Machine (2010).

We would also like to recommend a visit to Dolph Lundgren's official website:

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Read the complete interview with Dolph for Movie Mavericks here:



16 FEBRUARY 2011

New interview with our Swedish action hero Dolph Lundgren where he talks about how long it took to perfect his Stallone impression, why he identifies with Elvis, and why Clint Eastwood's such an inspirational director.

We would also like to recommend a visit to Dolph Lundgren's official website:

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Read the complete interview with Dolph for Adult Swim here:



12 JANUARY 2011

New interview with our Swedish action hero Dolph Lundgren where he talks about The Expendables (2010). Like Sylvester Stallone, Lundgren is in phenomenal shape for a man of his age (53). So as well as his thoughts on working with GQ Men Of The Year alumni Jason Statham and his old friend Mickey Rourke, Dolph gives personal tips on working out, dressing up and drinking.

We would also like to recommend a visit to Dolph Lundgren's official website:

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Read the complete interview with Dolph for GQ Magazine here:



20 AUGUST 2010

World-wide known Swedish actor Dolph Lundgren launched his new and updated official site today.


"I’m very excited about the new DL Official Website!

This new site been a while in the making and I’m sure it will keep evolving, but the most important thing is that you like it.

Please let us know your thoughts and suggestions on the CONNECT PAGE.

Keep Fighting!!
Dolph - August 2010"

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Visit Dolph Lundgren's newly updated website:



13 AUGUST 2010

Sweden's (and Scandinavia's too, in our eyes) foremost action hero Dolph Lundgren stars in Sylvester Stallone's movie - The Expendables - premieres in Sweden today. Join our editor and go see it!

The Expendables is a hard-hitting action/thriller about a group of mercenaries hired to infiltrate a South American country and overthrow its ruthless dictator. Once the mission begins, the men realize things aren't quite as they appear, finding themselves caught in a dangerous web of deceit and betrayal. With their mission thwarted and an innocent life in danger the men struggle with an even tougher challenge, one that threatens to destroy this band of brothers.

Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone) is a man with nothing to lose. Fearless and void of emotion, he is the Leader, the Sage and the Strategist of this tight-knit band of men who live on the fringe. His only attachment is to his pickup truck, his seaplane and his team of loyal modern-day warriors. His is a true cynic who describes what he does as "removing those hard to get at stains". The team behind him is made up of Lee Christmas (Jason Statham), former SAS and a savant with anything that has a blade; Yin Yang (Jet Li), a master at close-quarter combat; Hale Caesar (Terry Crews), who has known Barney for ten years and is a long-barrel weapons specialist; Toll Road (Randy Couture), a skilled demolitions expert and considered the intellect of the group; and Gunnar Jensen (Dolph Lundgren), a combat veteran and an expert in precision sniping who struggles with his own demons.

When the mysterious Church offers Barney a job no one else would take, Barney and his team embark on what appears to be a routine mission: overthrow General Gaza (David Zayas), the murderous dictator of the small island country of Vilena and end the years of death and destruction inflicted on its people. On a reconnaissance mission to Vilena, Barney and Christmas meet their contact Sandra (Giselle Itie), a local freedom-fighter with a dark secret. They also come to learn who their true enemy is: rogue ex-CIA operative James Monroe (Eric Roberts) and his henchman Paine (Steve Austin). When things go terribly wrong, Barney and Christmas are forced to leave Sandra behind, essentially giving her a death sentence. Haunted by this failure, Barney convinces the team to return to Vilena to rescue the hostage and finish the job he started. And to perhaps save a soul: his own.

(Expendable: capable of being sacrificed in order to accomplish a military objective.)

Film details:
Actors: Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mickey Rourke, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Eric Roberts, Terry Crews, Steve Austin, Randy Couture, David Zayas
Director: Sylvester Stallone
Screenwriters: Sylvester Stallone, Dave Callaham
PG: 15
Genre: Action

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5 JULY 2010

Dolph Lundgren's film Command Performance released on DVD in the UK.

Feature film, action-drama, written by Steve Latshaw (“State of Grace”) and Dolph Lundgren (“Missionary Man”)

A Moscow charity concert turns bloody when armed extortionists take the head liner American pop-star, Venus and the Russian Premier hostage. But help is on the way when the drummer in the warm-up band, an ex-U.S. Marine, and a young Russian F.S.B. agent team up to try to save the day.

Things aren’t as simple as they appear, when old ghosts from the Soviet Union appear to yet again haunt the world in this action-thriller starring and directed by Dolph Lundgren.

DVD details:
Actors: Dolph Lundgren, Melissa Ann Smith, Zahary Baharov, Dave Legeno
Director: Dolph Lundgren
Format: PAL
Region: Region 2
Number of discs: 1
Classification: 18
Approx. 100 minutes, color, 35 mm
Produced by Avi Lerner and Nu Imag

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment

Visit Dolph Lundgren's official website for more information

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28 OCT-3 DEC 2009

Dolph Lundgren’s new movie, COMMAND PERFORMANCE, comes out on DVD and Blu-ray in the USA on November 3rd.
Help spread the word and win a trip to L.A. for a private workout with Dolph! (U.S. residents only)

How do you win? Easy — you just:
2. Play the Trivia Game and score as high as you can.
3. Win extra points by challenging your friends to play!

The fan with the most points by December 3rd wins a private workout with Dolph. And there are cool 2nd- and 3rd-place prizes, see details below:

1st Prize: Workout with Dolph Lundgren (1 winner)
A two-hour private training session with Dolph Lundgren in Los Angeles, CA. Includes:
-Roundtrup coach airfare to Los Angeles, CA, for one person from any major airport within the Continental USA.
-Two-night stay for one person at a selected hotel in Los Angeles, CA.
2nd Prize: Signed COMMAND PERFORMANCE DvD (3 winners)
3rd Prize: Signed Dolph Lundgren Poster (5 winners)



ELIGIBILITY - The “Win a Private Workout with Dolph Lundgren” contest is open to legal U.S. residents only, ages 18 and older at the time of entry, or if a minor have legal guardianship. Affiliates of the “Win a Private Workout with Dolph Lundgren” (“Sponsor”), Firstlook Studios, Symblaze, and their affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising and production agencies, and members of their immediate families or households, are not eligible to participate. Void where prohibited by law. Federal, state and local laws and regulations apply.

HOW TO ENTER - Entrants may begin submitting entries on Oct 28, 2009 at 12:01 AM Eastern Time (“PST”). All entries must be submitted by Dec. 3, 2009 at 11:59PM PST.
Go to the OFFICIAL CONTEST SITE and complete and submit the online entry trivia questions available. Upon submittal of the entry form, a tracking of how many fans you generated to watch the “Command Performance” trailer and your points will be documented. You will be notified through your facebook account if you in fact are a winner. Limit of one entry per person or e-mail address or facebook account. Online entrants must be the authorized account holders of the email/facebook account from and for which the entry is made. By entering this Contest, entrants accept and agree to be bound by these Official Rules.

PRIZES - 1st Place prize is a workout with Mr. Dolph Lundgren in the Los Angeles area. A domestic roundtrip airfare, and two nights accommodations will be provided. Any expenses not mentioned above are the winner’s responsibility. Other prizes will be awarded provided a sufficient number of eligible entries are received. IE, second and third place prizes. Many will enter to win, however only 1 entrant will win an actual workout with Mr. Dolph Lundgren.

WINNERS - will be announced on or about December 3, 2009. Limit of one prize for first place. Winners will be notified by e-mail and may be required to complete an Affidavit of Eligibility and Liability/Publicity Release (“Affidavit”), which must be returned within 14 days of the date on the notification or an alternate winner will be selected. If the Winner is under the age of 18, the Winner’s parent or legal guardian will be required to execute the Affidavit on behalf of the winner. Any prize notification or prize returned as undeliverable will be awarded to an alternate winner. No substitution for prize, unless at Sponsor’s sole discretion. Prize is not transferable or redeemable for cash. Prize acceptance constitutes permission (except where prohibited) to use winner’s name and likeness for advertising and publicity purposes without additional compensation. Sponsor and its agents are not responsible for any liability associated with the acceptance or use of or inability to use a prize. Winners and the parent or legal guardian of winners acknowledge that prizes are awarded “as is” and that any representation, guarantee or warranty, express or implied, in law or in fact, relative to any prize, including but not limited to its quality, mechanical condition or fitness for a particular purpose is expressly disclaimed.

SPONSOR: Dolph Lundgren, Los Angeles, CA.

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Go on — give it a shot!



19 JULY 2008

Dolph Lundgren hosts private programme on Swedish radio P1 July 19, 2008.

This year’s summer hosts in the show Sommar on Swedish radio P1 has been revealed (this is a program that usually leads to a “storm from listeners”.
On July 19th it is time for one of Sweden’s most famous actors in the world – Dolph Lundgren – who will talk for an hour and a half about his many interests and play his favorite songs. Dolph had a small role in the Bond film A View to a Kill (1985) but is most known for his role as ‘Ivan Drago’ in Rocky IV (1985) against Sylvester Stallone.

Dolph’s sends his wishes and says he will describe his journey from small Nyland in the Ångermanland region to the stars in Hollywood and the good and bad sides of celebrity. “The music will reflect my thoughts and feelings during this ground-breaking journey”.

Visit Dolph Lundgren's official website

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Complete information on the official website for Sveriges Radio:



15 JUNE 2006

The Founding Editor of From Sweden with Love (Anders Frejdh) caught up with the Swedish actor Dolph Lundgren to talk about his acting career and in particular his (first) role in the 1985 James Bond film A View to a Kill directed by John Glen.

John Glen remembers working with Dolph:

"Dolph accompanied Grace Jones to Chantilly together with her mother and son. He asked me if there was a small part in the movie for him. He did a short test for me where he impressed me with his gun play so I cast him as a Russian heavy. On the few occasions that I have met him subsequently he credits me with launching his film career. He had the good sense not to frequent the set too much and apart from a brief visit to our location at Amberley, Sussex, we didn't see much of him. I don't remember him at the premier in Paris where Grace made a late entrance surrounded by press and rather disrupted the opening sequence.

The next time I saw Dolph was at the premier of one of his films in London. I happened to be walking through Leicester Square when he spotted me and came rushing over to say hello.

He is a very nice man and deserving of his success. He has a very imposing physique and it didn't surprise me that he went on to play the boxer in Rocky IV.

I didn't have the opportunity to work with Dolph again although I certainly would have considered it.

I think the reason that Dolph didn't do even more films is that he was late arrival and the genre was on the way out. I remember him and the rest of the crew at a party I threw at Chantilly where we all did headstands under his supervision. A lot of coins were lost and a lot of champagne was drunk ... it was a great time."

Grace Jones and Dolph Lundgren on the set of A View to a Kill in France
>Click here to read the interview with Dolph Lundgren

For more information about Dolph Lundgren's career, check out his official website.



James Bond : From Sweden with Love

From Sweden with Love (FSWL) is entirely dedicated to Agent 007 and his creator Ian Fleming. We have been studying the phenomenon for more than 30 years. FSWL started as a personal examination of the fictive agent but has developed and progressed now featuring exclusive interviews, Bond news in Swedish media, book and film reviews, meetings with Bond stars who have appeared in or worked on the James Bond films, database with our 007 collection featuring thousands of items, articles and travel stories from the world of 007, competitions, webshop featuring Swedish film posters, the films on Blu-ray and the soundtracks on CD.

Sweden have been represented by (00)7 Bond girls - Britt Ekland, Maud Adams, Anne Lonnberg (Anne's father is Swedish), Mary Stavin, Kristina Wayborn, Izabella Scorupco and Eva Green (Eva's father is Swedish).
Dolph Lundgren and stuntman Lars Lundgren have also appeared in the Bond film series. Two other Swedish actors , Ola Rapace and Jens Hultén, appeared in the 23rd adventure, Skyfall (2012) (2012), with Per Hallberg supervising the sound which gave him an Oscar®.

FSWL's vision is to focus on the phenomenon from a Swedish point of view. We have a serious passion (not interested in rumours) for the fictional hero created by Ian Fleming in 1952 when he wrote the first James Bond novel - Casino Royale.

FSWL is also a tribute to producers Harry Saltzman and Albert R. Broccoli for adapting Ian Fleming's novels into films.

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All James Bond 007 novels and short stories: (1953 - 2017)
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The Spy Who Loved Me (1962) by Ian Fleming
On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1963) by Ian Fleming
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The Man with the Golden Gun (1965) by Ian Fleming
Fallet James Bond (1965) by Kingsley Amis
Octopussy and The Living Daylights (1966) by Ian Fleming
Colonel Sun (1968) by Kingsley Amis
The Authorised Biography of James Bond (1973) by John Pearson
James Bond, The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) by Christopher Wood
James Bond and Moonraker (1979) by Christopher Wood
Licence Renewed (1981) by John Gardner
For Special Services (1982) by John Gardner
Icebreaker (1983) by John Gardner
Role Of Honour (1984) by John Gardner
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No Deals, Mr. Bond (1987) by John Gardner
Scorpius (1988) by John Gardner
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Brokenclaw (1990) by John Gardner
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The Man From Barbarossa (1991) by John Gardner
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Never Send Flowers (1993) by John Gardner
Sea Fire (1994) by John Gardner
Cold (1996) by John Gardner
GoldenEye (1996) by John Gardner
Zero Minus Ten (1997) by Raymond Benson
Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) by Raymond Benson
Blast From the Past (1997) by Raymond Benson
The Facts Of Death (1998) by Raymond Benson
High Time To Kill (1999) by Raymond Benson
Midsummer night's doom (1999) by Raymond Benson
The World Is Not Enough (1999) by Raymond Benson
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