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Interviews with Swedish James Bond expert Anders Frejdh

By: FSWL team
James Bond expert Anders Frejdh TV4 Nyhetsmorgon
Over the years, the founding editor of From Sweden with Love, Anders Frejdh, has been interviewed as an expert on James Bond in Swedish press and foreign media. Here is a selection of articles, radio and television clips since 2005.
(Among things not included here are interviews for Icon Magazine, Filter Magazine, P4 Extra with Lotta Bromé, the lifestyle program "Kombi" on National Swedish Radio, SVT Rapport and TV4 Skaraborg.)

In conjunction with the 2012 release of SKYFALL in Sweden, AF was hired by Svensk Filmindustr (SF) to translate the English press material for the film to Swedish.

For this website and other projects, Anders himself has interviewed hundreds of people who have worked on the James Bond films including George Lazenby, Roger Moore & Daniel Craig. (Some of these interviews are published here.) Anders also worked as an extra on the set of Quantum of Solace (2008) in Bregenz, Austria.

In June 2013, Anders appeared as one of five James Bond contestants in "Fantasterna", a program on Swedish channel TV4 (hosted by Pär Lernström). Sweden's biggest fan/foremost expert on the subject was crowned and Anders won. (Other topics in the series included ABBA, Michael Jackson, Star Wars and Tintin.)

Contact Anders Frejdh if you require expertise about James Bond and Ian Fleming.

James Bond expert Anders Frejdh

Interview in Aftonbladet (30-9-2021)
One moment ... Anders Frejdh, Bond expert who runs Sweden's official James Bond site. Since 2013, in addition to running the site, he has also been the manager of George Lazenby who played James Bond in On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969). Interview by Jon Forsling for Aftonbladet. Aftonbladet.

Swedish James Bond expert: So good is No Time To Die

P1 Morgon, Sveriges Radio (30-9-2021)
Today, the new Bond film No Time To Die has its Swedish cinema premiere. For the fifth and final time, we see Daniel Craig in the role of agent 007. Listen to James Bond expert Anders Frejdh who has seen the film. Host | Henrk Torehammar.

James Bond expert Anders Frejdh on Sean Connery's passing

P1 Morgon, Sveriges Radio (2-11-2020)
This weekend, the Scottish actor Sir Sean Connery, 90 years old, passed away. A noble Oscar winner perhaps best known for having played agent James Bond in seven films. Hear Anders Frejdh, Bond expert, talking about what made Sean Connery unique in the role.

Swedish Bond experten on Sean Connery: He has meant a lot

SVT Nyheter (31-10-2020)
Sean Connery has died at the age of 90. Now he is mourned by fans around the world. - It is very sad, says Swedish Bond expert Anders Frejdh. He is friendly with Sean Connery's son, Jason Connery, and understood that something was not right when he saw an update on his Facebook page this morning. - He did not write anything but I got a bad feeling, says Anders.

Swedish Bond experten on Sean Connery: He was a childhood hero

Expressen TV (31-10-2020)
James Bond actor Sean Connery dead – 90 years old. Swedish Bond expert Anders Frejdh: ”Connery was a childhood hero.”

Northern Europe's foremost Bond expert entertains at Roslagsskolan

Norrtelje Tidning (10-1-2020)
What began as a pastime during childhood's early 80s developed into a lifelong interest for Anders Frejdh. The 45-year-old who knows everything about James Bond has even competed on television about who knows the most about Bond - and won. On January 18th, he will moderate the Bond Concert in Roslagsskolan's aula.

James Bond-experten Anders Frejdh, founder and chief-editor of the biggest Bond site in Scandinavia

P1 Morgon, Sveriges Radio (26-4-2019)
Listen to James Bond expert Anders Frejdh, founder and editor-in-chief of Scandinavia's biggest Bond site, when he talks about the Bond 25 casting of Swedish actor David Dencik.
- Very happy that they have cast David as the tradition of Swedes in the Bond movies continues. However, to claim that David Dencik will portray a villain is pure speculation. That is not officially confirmed by anyone.

Sir Roger Moore mourned in Sweden

Sveriges Radio (23-5-2017)
Sweden's foremost James Bond aficionado Anders Frejdh warmly remembers legendary 007 actor Roger Moore who he met on numerous occasions and was never disappointed by the man known as Bond. "No-one said a bad word about Roger, he was extremely generous, he was loved by everyone," he tells Radio Sweden.

<strong>Anders Frejdh</strong> from Hjo attends exclusive party with James Bond

P4 Skaraborg, Sveriges Radio (10-11-2015)
Just a few days before the World Premiere, Anders Frejdh sat down in a cinema to watch Spectre, the latest James Bond film. According to Anders, Spectre is more enjoyable than SKYFALL, the previous Bond film. Along with Kristina Wayborn, who played Magda in the 1983 film Octopussy, he met all actors in Spectre as they attended the exclusive after-premiere party in London.

James Bond expert <strong>Anders Frejdh</strong> in heaven

Mitt-i Stockholm tidningen (30-10-2015)
Anders Frejdh is the Bond enthusiast who got invited to the premiere of the new film, interview the cast & crew and a VIP pass to the afterparty - which he attended with Swedish Bond girl Kristina Wayborn. Text | Calle Godani. Photo | Sascha Braun. Circulation: 900,000 copies.

Premiere focus på Bond and SPECTRE

Xenter YH LiveTV (30-10-2015)
In this episode of Premiär the focus is on the James Bond phenomenon as a new film, SPECTRE, premieres at cinemas in Sweden. A discussion about the actors who portrayed Bond over the years and a little buzz about the future of the Bond films. Anders Frejdh, editor of From Sweden with Love, participates in a special feature as he was unable to attend in person due to travels abroad.

Agent 007 with a license to drive

Skånska Dagbladet, TT Spektra (30-10-2015)
Agent 007 - with a license to drive. Breathtaking night voyages on Rome's moonlit streets interspersed with heavy hunting in the Austrian Alps. Just as it should be according to James Bond expert Anders Frejdh. - A Bond film without cool and spectacular car chases is not a real Bond film, he says.

Bond James Bond comes to town

P1 Morgon, Sveriges Radio (27-10-2015)
Anders Frejdh on how the secret agent has managed to survive 50 years in her majesty's service. The World premiere of SPECTRE was held in London the day before yesterday, and with us from there, we have Bond buff Anders Frejdh who has seen the movie several times already. Maria Brander, cultural journalist at Expressen, also joins the discussion.

James Bond in Stockholm

Radio Sweden, National Radio (20-9-2014)
Sweden's biggest ever James Bond film festival is taking place this weekend with former Bond girls Kristina Wayborn and Mary Stavin among the former cast and crew attending. Seven Bond classics are being shown at Filmhuset in Stockholm, all for the first time in a Swedish cinema in 4K DCP format. The festival has been arranged by Anders Frejdh.

Bond girls Mary Stavin and Kristina Wayborn in Stockholm

Kulturnyheterna, National TV (19-9-2014)
Swedish Bond girls and praised sound engineers, directors and stuntmen. This weekend, From Sweden with Love has gathered film people linked to agent 007 in Stockholm. One 'Hollywood Swede' in attendance is the award-winning sound designer Per Hallberg who supervised the sound for the latest James Bond film, Skyfall.

Bond, James Bond comes to Stockholm

P4 Stockholm, National Radio (18-9-2014)
Anders Frejdh is Sweden's number one James Bond expert and the man behind the festival with many Bond stars in attendance including Swedish Bond girls Mary Stavin and Kristina Wayborn as well as Academy Award winner Per Hallberg who won an Oscar® for sound editing on Skyfall.

Bond girl Kristina Wayborn seduced James Bond

Mitt-i Stockholm newspaper (18-9-2014)
Kristina Wayborn seduced James Bond - Making love with James Bond was easy, but also demanding, for the Swedish Bond girl. This weekend, she attends the biggest Bond event in Scandinavia along with numerous other stars. Text | Åsa Görnerup. Photos | Sara Kollberg. Circulation: 900,000 copies.

James Bond festival in the Film house

ABC News, Regional TV (18-9-2014)
His name is Frejdh, Anders Frejdh, and he is one of Sweden's foremost James Bond fans. This weekend, Anders is the organiser of a Bond film festival at National Film House where some of the 007 classics is screened in the high-resolution 4K format. There will also be Q&A's with Bond celebrities from all over the world incl. Bond girls, directors and stuntmen.

Anders from Hjo behind James Bond weekend

P4 Skaraborg, Sveriges Radio (17-9-2014)
This weekend, the world's most famous secret agent is celebrated in Stockholm. The person behind the event is Anders Frejdh from Hjo. In addition to film screenings and an exhibition, James Bond fans can meet a range of 007 celebrities and attend a special Bond gala.

Interview in Nostalgia nr 2-2014 (3 pages)
The ultimate boyhood dream - Anders Frejdh is the biggest collector of James Bond items in the country. He has over 5,000 items in the collection, perhaps worth a seven figure amount all together. But it's obviously not about money. By | Lars-Gunnar Gustafsson © Nostalgia. Circulation: 38 600 copies.

Interview in Kombi (October 2013) (3 pages)
Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, Ford Thunderbird, AMC Hornet, BMW Z8 and Citroën 2CV are some of the cars that James Bond has driven on the silver screen. Anders Frejdh is part of The Ian Fleming Foundation which preserves and restores cars, boats and airplanes used in the Bond films. By | Ia Waldendal © Kombi. Circulation: 150 000 copies.

Interview in Civilekonomen (October 2013)
My passion: At age 10, Anders Frejdh saw the Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me. After scenes featuring a chase on snow and a parachute jump off a cliff, the wide-eyed young guy was hooked. Today, he has one of the largest collections of 007 items. By | Malin Sund © Civilekonomen. Circulation: 36 900 copies.

Interview in Skövde Nyheter (8-8-2013): article
Bond fever with Frejdh - an interest that has led to many trips for the son of Skovde. He is Frejdh, Anders Frejdh, and has been an extra in Quantum of Solace and operates Scandinavia's most visited website about Bond. He is easily the biggest James Bond fan. By | Lisa Bring © Skövde Nyheter. Circulation: 26 700 copies.

Klipp med <strong>Anders Frejdh</strong> i TV4

Clip from Fantasterna in TV4 (6-6-2013)
Video clip from TV4 with 38-year-old Anders Frejdh who owns one of the largest collections of James Bond objects.

<strong>Anders Frejdh</strong> i Fantasterna

Contestant in TV4 programme (6-6-2013)
Episode 9 of 10. Today's topic is James Bond and the question is which one of the contestants who knows most about agent 007 with a license to kill. The contestants are Anders Frejdh, Pontus Forslund, Joel Svalberg, Paul Deblond and John Chiarantona. Host | Pär Lernström.

Interview in SLA (1-6-2013): article
In the penultimate episode of Fantasterna on TV4, Anders Frejdh from Hjo competes in his favourite topic - James Bond. By | Marita Sjöquist © SLA. Circulation: 25 300 copies.

Interview in local paper (24-5-2013): article
Anders Frejdh is one of the participants in TV4's new quiz show Fantasterna which airs on Monday nights with Pär Lernström as host. In the program, experts compete against each other in diverse topics. By | Marita Sjöquist © Hjo Tidning. Circulation: 4 000 copies.

Interview in HemmaBio magazine (November 2012): front page
Bond celebrates 50 years on film and HemmaBio (Scandinavia's biggest Home Theatre magazine) celebrates agent 007 in this special issue.

Interview in HemmaBio magazine (November 2012): article
007 expert with a licence to collect - His name is Frejdh. Anders Frejdh. He is Scandinavia's leading James Bond expert with one of the largest collections of 007 memorabilia in the world. We have met him. By | Thomas Nilsson. Circulation: 39,400 copies.

Interview in Aftonbladet's James Bond supplement (October 2012)
James Bond is celebrated in a special 100-page supplement to Aftonbladet. From Sweden with Love's Anders Frejdh is interviewed in the magazine by entertainment journalist Jan-Olov Andersson. Editor-in-chief | Jens Peterson. Circulation: 100,000 copies.

Hemmets Veckotidning (No. 43/2012): page 1
Hemmets Veckotidning (No. 43/2012): page 2
Interview with Anders Frejdh on James Bond, and being a Bond fan collecting 007 memorabilia, in this issue of Hemmets Veckotidning. Text | Katarina Arnstad. Photo | Stefan Nilsson, Louise LeBlanc and Marie Regmert. Circulation: 186,700 copies.

<strong>Anders Frejdh</strong> i TV4

Live interview at Morning Show on TV4 (28-10-2012)
James Bond expert Anders Frejdh comments on the 23rd James Bond film, Skyfall, with fashion journalist Siroun Forsberg reporting from the sparkly party on the red carpet at the film's premiere in Stockholm. Andrea Patelli mixes Bond's drink (Martini) for the guests. Hostess | Agneta Sjödin.

Discussion about Skyfall on P1 Morgon

P1 Morgon, National Swedish Radio (26-10-2012)
Why does everyone (almost) love James Bond? The most enduring hero in film history, James Bond, celebrates fifty years on the silver screen with his 23rd film, Skyfall. A conversation, on what it is that makes this character so popular, with Roger Wilson (presenter on Radio Sweden's film program Kino) and James Bond expert Anders Frejdh.

Conversation about Skyfall on Radio Skaraborg

P4 Morgon, Radio Skaraborg (26-10-2012)
Anders Frejdh from Hjo likes the new Bond film, Skyfall. Anders attended the World premiere of Skyfall at the Royal Albert Hall in London and spoke to one of the Swedish actors in the film, Ola Rapace, on the red carpet. At the event, he had his friend Kristina Wayborn (Magda in Octopussy) on his side as his guest.

Skyfall discussed on Radio Uppland

P4 Morgon, Radio Uppland (25-10-2012)
"Skyfall is one of the best James Bond films," says Anders Frejdh. James Bond is back on the big screen. For the premiere of the new film, National Swedish Radio invited the expert who knows everything about Agent 007. The conversation is about his own fascination of the world's most famous agent and what is required for a film to feel like a "real Bond".

Interview in Local paper (22-10-2012): cover
Interview in Local paper (22-10-2012): article
Instead of staying in Hjo and invest in a future at the family company (Hjo-Verktyg AB), Anders Frejdh left for unknown territory. Today, he travels the world, meet people from the film industry, and hang out with celebrities. © SLA. Circulation: 25,300 copies.

Interview in Hjo Tidning (19-10-2012): front page
Interview in Hjo Tidning (19-10-2012): article
Anders left Hjo to discover the world. His passion for James Bond has made him travel the world, meeting people in the film business. The greatest moment was when he filmed a scene with Daniel Craig as an extra in Quantum of Solace. © Hjo Tidning 2,000 ex.

James Bond discussed on Swedish radio

Jansson & Wester in P4 (5-10-2012)
James Bond, Gangnam Style and public right. James Bond celebrates 50 years on the silver screen. 50 years ago today, on 5 October 1962, the first Bond film (Dr. No) premiered in a movie theatre. National Swedish Radio highlight this in the program "Jansson & Wester i P4" by inviting Anders Frejdh to help them select the worst Bond film of all time.

Interview in Stockholm paper (1-5-2012): page 1
Interview in Stockholm paper (1-5-2012): page 2
Hundreds of thousands of Swedes are collectors. We (Mitt i Stockholm) have met one of the most passionate, Anders Frejdh, "The Man with the Golden Collection". Text | David Osterberg. Photo | Chris Anderson. Circulation: 900,000 copies.

Skyfall discussed on Swedish radio

PP3 with Pär Lernström on P3 (5-4-2012)
"Would you like to have a beer," Mr. Bond? - James Bond is drinking beer (after a sponsorship with Heineken) in the next film that will premiere this fall. How does it affect Bond when he enjoys beer instead of sipping Martini's? Is he still James Bond? James Bond expert Anders Frejdh is with us on the phone to talk about the secret agent's drinking habits.

Skyfall press conference for Alltid Nyheter

Comments on Skyfall press conference (3-11-2011)
Interview with Anders Frejdh who shares his view in conjunction with the first press conference for Skyfall in London where some of the ensemble, with Daniel Craig in the lead, was presented.

Interview in The Times (29-10-2008)
The World premiere of Quantum of Solace (2008) is not enough for some James Bond enthusiasts. The Times has met the most dedicated one that enjoys living a bit like their famed hero. Comments from Anders Frejdh, Ajay Chowdhury, Brad Frank, Graham Rye, James Page, Lee Pfeiffer, Paul Dunphy and Paul Meyers. Text and photo | Hugo Rifkind.

James Bond on Swedish radio

Sven Wollter on Swedish Radio P3 (6-6-2009)
Respected film critic Ronny Svensson visit the studio and tell legendary Swedish actor Sven Wollter what distinguishes his approach to watching films compared to the rest of us. Anders Frejdh have been James Bond fan for 25 years and has one of the world's largest collections of 007 memorabilia. He tell us about the collection and how he managed to get a role in the latest Bond film, Casino Royale.

Casino Royale discussed on Swedish radio

Radio interview for The Voice (24-11-2006)
In the morning show on The Voice, hosted by Özz Nujen and Johan Engberg, Anders Frejdh responds to questions about the James Bond phenomenon and the release of Casino Royale in England where he currently lives. Producer | Martina Thun.

Casino Royale film review 2006

Review of Casino Royale for Skaraborgsbygden (6-11-2006)
"A different Bond to enjoy." James Bond expert Anders Frejdh reviews the 21st James Bond film, Casino Royale (2006), the first one with Daniel Craig as Ian Fleming's agent 007.

Ian Fleming Bondmaker Viasat History

Review of "Ian Fleming - Bondmaker" for Viasat History's newsletter (6-11-2006)
Interview with Ian Fleming expert Anders Frejdh who reviews the documentary Ian Fleming - Bondmaker (Swedish title: Bondmannen Ian Fleming) for Viasat History.

Interview for Skaraborgsbygden (13-10-2006)
Constantly in James Bond's footsteps. For Anders Frejdh, James Bond is not only an interest and hobby - the fictional agent is a lifelong passion. Text and photo | Sven Gärdekrans. © Skaraborgsbygden. Circulation: 11,000 copies.

Interview for Le Journal de Québec (27-2-2006)
Interview with Anders Frejdh (one of a very few European guests) during the UNICEF Canada event "Vue sur Bond" in Québec with Britt Ekland, Guy Hamilton, Richard Kiel, Roger Moore and Shirley Bassey. By | Jean LaRoche.

Swedish James Bond girls discussed on radio

Swedish James Bond girls discussed on Radio Sweden / SR International (27-10-2005)
Forget 007 - Britt Ekland, Maud Adams and Izabella Scorupco - the three Swedish Bond Girls battle it out in this month's Greatest adventure. Time to choose the Best Swedish "Bond Girl". Bond expert Anders Frejdh helps out making the selection.

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