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Members of the team behind From Sweden with Love (FSWL)

By: FSWL team

The FSWL team includes, in addition to founder Anders Frejdh, writers and contributors from America, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, England, Finland, France, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Spain and Sweden.

• Grew up in Hjo, a small town in Sweden, and was educated in Gothenburg, Skövde and London. Anders Frejdh has worked for over two decades in corporate finance and founded two companies, Anders Frejdh Talent Management and FSWL Consulting AB. During this time, as the founder and webmaster of From Sweden With Love, he has grown it into one of the world’s most well read and comprehensive unofficial James Bond sites with a huge social media audience too. A life-long film fan, Anders has travelled around the planet amassing the largest collection of Bond memorabilia in Scandinavia and attended hundreds of 007 events. He has interviewed many of the people involved with the James Bond film series in front of and behind the camera including current James Bond actor Daniel Craig at two occasions. In recent years, Anders was asked to eulogize the late Sir Roger Moore and Sean Connery upon the actors deaths, hosted the first James Bond weekend in Sweden 2014, was a key organiser for the Mallorca Film Festival’s tribute to Goldfinger (1964) director Guy Hamilton, toured Japan as part of the On The Tracks Of 007 trip celebrating 50 Years of You Only Live Twice (1967), and acted as VIP guest liasion for a 50th Anniversary of On Her Majesty's Secret Service Tour to Portugal and Switzerland in 2019. Anders continues to contribute to various international publications, books and media outlets as a 007 consultant. >Articles by Anders

Ajay Chowdhury (co-author of Some Kind of Hero: The Remarkable Story of the James Bond films) was born in London and read Law at university there and in The Netherlands. He has since provided legal advice on various motion picture, music, publishing, television and theatrical projects. He was the associate producer on two feature films, Lost Dogs (2005) and Flirting with Flamenco (2006). In 2012, he penned the screenplay to the multi-award winning, Olympic-themed short, A Human Race. Ajay is the spokesperson for The James Bond International Fan Club, established in 1979. He also edited their James Bond journal, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, between 2005 and 2009. He is regularly called upon by worldwide media to commentate on all things 007. >Articles by Ajay

Andrew McNess writes about James Bond films at A View On Bond and is the author of A Close Look At A VIEW TO A KILL. His first experience of Bond was a television screening of Thunderball, a superb introduction if ever there was one (although a theatre screening would have been nice). However, while he always liked the Bond novels and films as a child and teenager, it was a re-immersion in the films in the mid-nineties that really solidified his interest. He always enjoys the Bondian tropes, but it is the variation and experimentation found within those elements from film to film that really piques his interest, and inspires his writing. Away from Bond, Andrew manages Alan J. Pakula: A Cinema of Anxiety and writes on cinema at Slivers of Cinema.
>Articles by Andrew

• FSWL contributor Brian James Smith, our man in Scotland, is an Ian Fleming and James Bond historian based in Edinburgh, Scotland. He published the magazines of the James Bond Appreciation Society from 1986 to 2002 and also ran a successful 007 memorabilia business for 13 years. In 2003 and 2004 he hosted a series of James Bond films at cinemas in Edinburgh with stars in attendance including Richard Kiel, Shirley Eaton, Michael Billington and Maud Adams. As well as consulting on various James Bond projects, his writing has previously appeared in Cinema Retro, Collecting 007, Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. >Articles by Brian

• FSWL contributor Chris Johnson was born in 1979 a few months before 007 blasted off into space armed with a raised eyebrow and a Double entendre. At the age of 10 a cousin showed him that he collected 007 memorabilia and at that moment a new Bond fan was born. Working in the care profession Chris, from Derbyshire, England, loves to combine his interest in James Bond with his passion for photography - some of which you can see on his website Bond Miscellany. >Articles by Chris

• 1962 was a momentous year. Not only was the world introduced to the cinematic Bond, Colin Clark was born. Inspired by his father, Colin graduated from Blackhawk Technical Collage with a degree in aircraft maintenance. He was hired by American Airlines in 1987 and is currently an Aircraft Maintenance Inspector for AA based at Chicago O’Hare Airport.
Colin’s earliest memories of 007 is from watching the films on ABC at the age of 10. In 1977 he saw is first Bond film in theatres, The Spy Who Loved Me. There was no going back. Since 2001, Colin has assisted The Ian Fleming Foundation with the restoration of several of their vehicle archive, all of which have been used in the Bond films. In May 2015, Colin was added to the Board of Directors for the IFF for which he coordinate Volunteer meets and Foundation Vehicle restoration projects and events. >Articles by Colin

Erik Olsson, the same vintage as FSWL founder Anders Frejdh, grew up in Sweden and has lived in Latin America and in the US for many years. He is trilingual speaking English, Spanish and Swedish. But before Erik could write, he was watching Bond. His 007 passion led Erik to learn how to parachute, dive with sharks and travel exotic locations including The Bahamas, Panama, and Italy. Recently, a lifetime ambition was fulfilled when he bought a white Lotus Esprit. In 2015, Erik participated in the Mexico filming of SPECTRE. Erik has a construction engineering degree but is an Internet entrepreneur and the man behind Swedish vacation rental site and eCommerce software in Spanish-speaking markets. >Articles by Erik

Eoghan Lyng, our man from the Republic of Ireland, is a James Bond studier by vocation. He has travelled from Madrid to Prague to Cambridge searching for newer locations to inhabit. An impassioned Bond fan, Lyng is a pop music writer, paying particular attention to the workings of Paul McCartney’s trajectory. Culture Sonar interviews with Eric Stewart and Denny Laine match his We Are Cult interviews with Richard Hewson, Carl Davis and Youth. These have given Lyng a personal insight into the workings behind the composer of Roger Moore’s debut title track. His favourite Bond film remains On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969), a powerful vehicle romantic and European in flair. His favourite of Ian Fleming’s works remains You Only Live Twice (1964), Fleming’s litany to life and death.>Articles by Eoghan

Frank Anderson, one of our men in England, is a prolific globetrotter, covering tens of thousands of miles each year visiting original Bond movies locations and experiencing and recording the sights and sounds enjoyed in the original movies. During his travels he’s flown a plane, helicopter, microlight, paraglider and gyrocopter, ridden a horse and camel across the Sahara and swam with sharks in the Bahamas. Apart from FSWL, he also contributes to the On the Tracks of 007 and Bond Lifestyle websites. Native to Glasgow, Scotland, Frank is now a resident of Cambridgeshire in England from where he travels worldwide as a finance professional. >Articles by Frank

Greg Bechtloff is a James Bond historian and writer from Huntington Beach, California. Greg has traveled extensively including to many locations that feature in the 007 world. Having worked in various administrative capacities, Greg is also a professionally trained bartender. This vocation grew out of his knowledge of the James Bond books and films. Greg's writings on the James Bond legend have appeared in publications by The Ian Fleming Foundation (Goldeneye) and The James Bond International Fan Club (007 Magazine). He has also done many recent pieces for the MI6 website, both online and in print. >Articles by Greg

• Born around the time Sean Connery's 007 baton was being passed to George Lazenby, Ian Davis 10 years later caught TSWLM at the cinema, and soon afterwards Live and Let Die and The Man with the Golden Gun in a double bill. His dad Roger was a keen movie-goer and autograph collector, and on 26th June 1979, the evening of the Moonraker World Premiere in London, they met another Roger - Roger Moore. By this time, Ian was well and truly a Bond fan, started collecting the soundtracks, posters, stills and books, at the same time catching up on the previous films. In addition, through his dad's interest, he met others associated with the films including Telly Savalas, Honor Blackman, Jane Seymour, Matt Monro, Cubby Broccoli, Donald Pleasence and Sean Connery. Almost 40 years later, Ian is still a huge fan of Bond. >Articles by Ian

John Cork is the co-author of three official books on the James Bond phenomenon (James Bond: The Legacy, Bond Girls Are Forever, and James Bond Encyclopedia), a writer, producer, and director for many of the special features found on the James Bond Home Entertainment DVD and Blu-ray releases through 2006’s Casino Royale. Cork is currently developing a podcast looking at how the original James Bond novels interact with history. >Articles by John

Jon Auty, our man in Northern Ireland who runs Behind The Stunts (a long running series of in-depth publications examining the stunts and action sequences on films and television series over the last 40 years), started out as a budding stuntman, who trained to join the movie elite, but an injury prevented him from continuing his training and his dream was over. Until he met stuntman Roy Alon who invited him to write about the stunt business and tell the true story about how stunts are created for Film and Television. He went on to write ‘STUNTS’ an industry publication which gave the reader an insight into the world of the stunt professional here in the UK and USA.
He is widely renowned as the UK’s leading authority on the stunt community and has worked as an advisor on many newspaper articles, books, television and live shows. Has also been involved in many television projects as advisor including The Paradise Club, A Touch of Frost and Taggart. And numerous films including Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and Die Another Day. >Articles by Jon

• Ten years ago, Joseph Darlington adopted the alias ‘Head of Section’ and created the Being James Bond podcast. For the last decade, Darlington has become obsessed with walking in the footsteps of James Bond, learning how to do anything that Bond can do, and doing everything that Bond has done – and each Bond-inspired experience has proven to be some of the greatest of his life. Darlington is also the author of Being James Bond: Volume One, and has contributed to the, Bond Lifestyle, The Bond Experience and The James Bond Dossier websites apart from FSWL. >Articles by Joseph

Laurent Perriot, our man in France, discovered James Bond when he saw The Spy Who Loved Me starring Roger Moore in 1977. Realizing that there was no structure for Bond lovers in France, he decided to create a fan club in 1989 with a friend. And in recognition of their efforts, they got invited to the set of GoldenEye in 1995. There he met Pierce Brosnan with whom he got friendly and still am.
In 1999, he co-hosted the French gala premiere for The World Is Not Enough. The same year, he was one of the senior editors behind the officially licensed film magazine for The World Is Not Enough in French.
In 2005, when Pierce Brosnan left the franchise, Laurent decided to end his chairmanship of the James Bond Club and approached another French fan club, Club 007 established in 1997, and its president Luc Le Clech. They decided to join forces and merge the two clubs which gave birth to Club James Bond France, now the most active fan club in the world. >Articles by Laurent

Luis Abbou Planisi was born in Manacor, Mallorca, Spain in 1999. He is now studying English Literature and Creative Writing in the UK. At the age of 16, his first book on James Bond, Detrás del Smoking, was published in Spanish. It was updated and republished in English as Behind The Tuxedo in 2018. That same year he presented a special screening of Thunderball at London’s Cinema Museum. In 2019 he was the guest at the Spanish James Bond fan club, Archivo 007, annual convention in Madrid. Currently, Luis writes a regular column in the magazines 07500 and La Tundra as well as in the Majorcan newspaper Diario de Mallorca. >Articles by Luis

• Apart being in everyday life a politic journalist, Marie-France Vienne have been a huge admirer of Sir Roger Moore since she was a very young girl. She is the co-owner of Sir Roger's official website since 1999 and also an active member of Club James Bond France since many years and regularly write for their magazines and was the Editor in Chief of their luxurious publication Archives : Roger Moore. Marie-France lives in Brussels where she works as a journalist. >Articles by Marie-France

Mark Cerulli, one of our men in Los Angeles, is an award-winning writer/producer for HBO. Cerulli helped create The Buzz, HBO’s long-running behind-the-scenes news series. While at HBO, he became the first and only staff member to have an original screenplay optioned by the company. His on-air work won praise from talent like Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman and Robert Duvall.
Among his many DVD documentaries are The Making of Goldfinger and Thunderball for MGM. More recently he wrote and produced content for EPIX and Sundance including Twist & Shout: The SAW Story and created fund-raising videos for Bruce Springsteen’s manager’s charity.
He has done over 120 celebrity interviews including Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan. Mark's personal site can be found at >Articles by Mark

Mark Witherspoon, a graphic designer based in Kent, England. He has designed the cover artwork for Some Kind of Hero, Blade Runners, Deer Hunters and Blowing the Bloody Doors Off, Jump Rocky Jump and has just completed work on Stay Tuned to The Avengers. A lifelong Bond fan since his Dad let him stay up late to watch Goldfinger back in 1978. He hosts a yearly James Bond double bill in a large outdoor summer house called The Fridge Club. He was lucky to have married the love of his life at Love Beach Nassau as seen in Thunderball and spent a few days at the Ocean Club, a lovely coincidence he says! He has had work published in Collecting 007 and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. >Articles by Mark

Mats Hilli has been a Bond enthusiast since he was 10 years old when he first watched Dr. No on television at home in Finland. The unforgettable film experiences also initiated a strong interest in Ian Fleming’s original novels and the continuation authors who preserved the legacy of the Bond creator over the years. At mature age, the project began to read all the Bond novels, which is still ongoing to his great joy. When Mats does not read Bond novels, he devotes himself to the work of high school teacher and his family. He does not like Vodka Martini but gladly prepare and enjoy scrambled eggs the Bondian way as described by Fleming. >Articles by Mats

Nicolás Suszczyk, our man in Argentina, discovered GoldenEye at the age of seven after watching the movie on TV in January 1998. A few weeks later, he saw Tomorrow Never Dies on the big screen and during the next two years he was captivated by the earlier 007 adventures that he managed to get in VHS or DVD. In 2019, after previously writing for many websites and magazines, he published three books - The World of GoldenEye, The Bond of The Millennium and A View To A Thrill: A Closer Look At The James Bond Trailers (including Spanish translations). He also manages three sites: The GoldenEye Dossier, Bond En Argentina and The Secret Agent Lair - the latter together with Jack Walter Christian. >Articles by Nicolás

Paul B. Harris, London-born, is a former advertising art director. Paul has spent the last twenty years dealing in and consulting on vintage movie posters to both collectors and auction houses.>Articles by Paul

Richard Skillman is the Vice President of Allied Vaughn, one of the largest Entertainment Companies in film and television program distribution, working with the major Studios such as Warner Bros, Universal Studios, MGM, FOX, Disney and Turner Classic Movies. He and his wife, Leslie, also run Theme Party People, party planners and recognized James Bond international travel organizers, leading Bond fans, writers and experts from Istanbul to Venice, to Nassau & Jamaica, from Paris to Prague, they’re known for bringing a “Hollywood touch” to their travel experiences. Richard is a lifelong Bond fan and collector and is active in Bond activities around the world and honored to be associated with From Sweden with Love. >Articles by Richard

Rob Coppinger, our globetrotting man, travels the world writing about advanced military and civilian aerospace technology, often accompanied by glamorous PR women. From Moscow’s once secret “Star City” cosmonaut training centre to China’s Beijing-based Astronaut Training Centre, or the most famous rocket launch site in the world, NASA’s Cape Canaveral, space programmes are as much a part of Rob’s working life as they are plots in Bond films. Bond film relevant technology Rob has written about includes, space based lasers, NASA’s Space Shuttle, space stations, nuclear weapons, and stealthy combat drones. Rob often finds himself one step behind the last Bond film’s locations, most recently travelling to SPECTRE’s Mexico. Other destinations for his stories have included, China, India, French Guiana, Morocco, Canada, Turkey, and many more. Rob has lived and worked in America, Australia, Czech Republic and Japan. He has written for a variety of aviation, defence and aerospace publications and national broadcasters, including the BBC. Rob lives in France. Official website. >Articles by Rob

Simon Firth became interested in the world of James Bond when introduced by his father to watch Dr. No (1962) and Thunderball on TV. As a family, the cinematic experience of seeing The Spy Who Loved Me left its indelible mark. Moonraker further excited and by the time he had seen For Your Eyes Only (1981), the focus of his future interests was sealed. An interest in art and marketing saw the creation of a collection of film posters and similar promotional material.
Following a love for travelling, writing for On The Tracks of 007, Simon wrote and had published Côte d'Azur, Italy and Filming James Bond in the Bahamas.
Professionally, he is a self-employed contract Project Manager working in the Telecommunications and Media sector. >Articles by Simon

Steve Oxenrider, our man on America's East coast, is a retired educator, life-long James Bond film fan and freelance writer who has contributed to many Bond books and publications. He has interviewed more than 100 Bond cast and crew members, as well as being credited on the supplementary features for several of the DVDs. Some of his credits can be seen on his IMDB page.
Steve’s interest in Bond started November 26, 1965, with the NBC television special The Incredible World of James Bond. That Christmas he saw Thunderball 25 times, befriended both Lotte Lenya and Harold Sakata by telephone and 51 years later has amassed an amazing collection of stills, posters, autographs, toys and merchandising. His favourite Bond film remains Thunderball, but "the double-bills of the 60s and 70s, with those fantastic ad campaigns, were as exciting as a new film."
Steve has travelled to more than 75 countries, many of them Bond locales. In 1989 he was privileged to spend an entire week at Ian Fleming’s Goldeneye estate in Jamaica. >Articles by Steve

Steven Jay Rubin, our man on America's West coast, is the founder and president of Fast Carrier Pictures, Inc., a Los Angeles-based motion picture and television production company. He is an internationally recognized author, film historian, producer, screenwriter, and promoter. He is the author of nine books, including The Twilight Zone Encyclopedia, The Cat Who Lived with Anne Frank (with David Lee Miller), Reel Exposure: How to Publicize and Promote Today's Motion Pictures, The James Bond Films: A Behind the Scenes History, Secrets of the Great Science Fiction Films, and Combat Films: American Realism 1945-2010. For a list of Steven's work in the film and television industryu, check out his IMDB page. >Articles by Steven



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