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Compliments about From Sweden with Love from our visitors

By: FSWL team
From Sweden with Love praise lovord
Adam Carter, Proprietor of Bondposters, UK:
“The website is extremely good, I am very impressed!”

Ajay Chowdhury, co-author of Some Kind Of Hero: The Remarkable Story of the James Bond films:
“Britain's Best covered by Sweden's Finest: From Sweden With Love is the Norse God of Bond websites.”

Alan Church, Visual Effects Supervisor who worked with Maurice Binder on A View to a Kill (1985), The Living Daylights (1987) and Licence to Kill (1989):
“I've been on your website and think it's very good. Very interesting and informative.”

Alan Gilbert, Proprietor of Thunderball Obsessional, UK:
“Very nice site.”

Alan J. Porter, Author of The History Of The Illustrated 007:
“Thanks for the plug on your site Anders!”

Albert Moses, Actor who appeared in The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) and Octopussy (1983):
“Nice website, congratulations. It is a well thought out and well designed informative site.”

Alexandra Iaonne, Webmaster for Club James Bond, France:
FSWL is GREAT, really. One of my favourite sites!”

Andreas Schwab, Vice President for James Bond Club Schweiz, Switzerland:
“This is great work.”

Angela Rindehag, CEO of Mormor Magdas Därproducerade Glass:
“This must be the greatest website ever made, well done. The information retrieved here is far better than any information we have found on the subject elsewhere.”

Anne Lönnberg, Actress who appeared in Moonraker (1979):
“Nice website Anders! Good luck with all your efforts, what a great job you have done so far!”

Annika Bladh, Publishing Director, Norstedts, Sweden:
“The site looks amazing!”

Art Malik, Actor who appeared in The Living Daylights (1987):
“I am impressed with your site and I wish you luck for the future.”

Barbara Carrera, Actress who appeared in Never Say Never Again (1983):
“I would like to congratulate you on your website, From Sweden With Love. Excellent! I can see that it was done with a lot of care, passion and love. Bravo! I wish you much success!”

Björn Hellberg, Swedish author and one of the world's foremost tennis experts:
“Anders, you are a genuine Bond expert!”

Brian Smith, Bond expert from Scotland:
“Scandinavia's most comprehensive Ian Fleming/James Bond website is also the world's most comprehensive Ian Fleming/James Bond website. Written with genuine love of our favourite fictional hero and covering all aspects of the Bond phenomenon, why would you want to go anywhere else? From Sweden With Love - I fly to you!”

Britt Ekland Maud Adams From Sweden with Love
Wishes to From Sweden with Love from Swedish Bond girls Britt Ekland & Maud Adams.

Bruce Scivally, Co-author of the excellent Bond book The Legacy and author of Superman on Film, Television, Radio and Broadway from USA:
"A very cool 007 fan site!"

Bud Sonoda, Bond fan from USA:
“Your enthusiasm about your subject comes through in your stories, and they are a pleasure to read.”

Cajsa Norell, Promotion Manager, Twentieth Century Fox, Sweden:
“It is a wonderful website. I do understand it is a popular one!”

Caroline Munro From Sweden with Love
Wishes to From Sweden with Love from actress and Bond girl Caroline Munro.

Caroline Rumpf, Christie's auction house, London:
“We found this website impressive and will keep it in mind for upcoming sales related to James Bond.”

Caterina Murino From Sweden with Love
Wishes to From Sweden with Love from Bond girl Caterina Murino.

Catherine Schell From Sweden with Love
Wishes to From Sweden with Love from actress and Bond girl Catherine Shell.

Cecilia Nilsson, Publishing Editor, Tiden, Sweden:
“Gracious of you to feature the young Bond novels on your site!”

Charlie Higson, Author of six Young Bond novels:
“A treasure trove of Bond related information.”

Ciaran Brown, Bond fan from England:
“If you love James Bond, this website has it all!”

Claire Steed, Webmaster for Vladek Sheybal Online, Poland:
“Your site looks very professional, and I'm glad to be a part of it.”

Colin Farquhar, Unique Television, UK:
“Your website is very impressive!”

Dave Chantry, long-time Bond fan from England:
“A great site, knowledgeable and informative. A must for any true Bond Fans.”

Dave Worrall, famous Bond book Author, Proprietor of Solo Publishing and Co-editor of Cinema Retro magazine:
“I think your site is superb, Anders.”

David Giammarco, Author of For Your Eyes Only: Behind the Scenes of the James Bond Films, USA:
“Anders, congratulations on such a great website! Your enthusiasm and passion for the world of Bond is quite impressive. Keep up the great work.”

David Hedison, Actor who played 'Felix Leiter' in Live And Let Die(1973) and Licence To Kill (1989):
"First rate website!"

David Smith, Chief Editor, MI6 Magazine:
“Thanks for your continued support - we're grateful for your help.”

David Williams, Proprietor of Bondpix in USA:
“I think your site looks great, many congratulations.”

Derek Lyons, Actor who appeared in The Living Daylights (1987):
“A fantastic website for Bond fans!”

Desmond Llewelyn From Sweden with Love
Wishes to FSWL founder Anders Frejdh from the very popular Desmond Llewelyn, Q in 17 James Bond films.

Devin Zydel,, USA:
“You have a wonderful website.”

Dolph Lundgren, Actor who appeared in A View To A Kill (1985):
You have an excellent site, Anders.”

Don Stroud, Actor who appeared in Licence To Kill (1989):
“Your site is very informative and very professional.”

Doug Redenius, Vice President of The Ian Fleming Foundation:
“Well done Anders. You work hard, and it shows.”

Ffolkes, Webmaster for ‘Roger Moore Polish Site’ in Poland:
“I enjoy the site a lot. Very professional and very informative, the Bond Stars section is really impressive.”

Fred Goldberg, Author of Motion Picture Marketing and Distribution and former Marketing Executive of EON Productions:
“I enjoyed reading your internet page and there were many names that were familiar. The pictures are wonderful.”

Frédéric Geerts, Webmaster of Sean Connery Online, Belgium:
“Your website is really great; it's different from all others. Keep on doing the good work!”

Gabriel Abarca, Webmaster of Bond Collection, Argentina:
“I liked your site very much which is indeed professional, especially the Bond locations around the world.”

Geoff Leonard, Webmaster of John Barry - The Man With The Midas Touch, UK:
“I like your site - congratulations on it!”

George Lazenby From Sweden with Love
Wishes to From Sweden with Love from James Bond actor George Lazenby.

George Martin, James Bond/Ian Fleming expert and Proprietor of GHM Photographics, USA:
“It's a fine-looking site - I'm impressed, especially since you're doing this in your spare time. Congratulations on its success.”

Graham McLusky, son of John McLusky (creator of James Bond comics):
“I am most impressed. Very well laid out and full of great stuff. Well done!”

Graham Rye, former owner of the James Bond fan Club, UK:
“Your website is fantastic, you have put in a helluva lot of work into it. Keep up the good work!”

Guillaume Triboulloy, Webmaster of James Bond-FR, France:
“Your site is of a remarkable quality!”

Gustaf Brusewitz, PR manager, Sony Ericsson, Sweden:
“Thanks Anders, I think it looks good. Glad it turned out so well!”

Guy Hamilton, Director of Goldfinger, Diamonds Are Forever, Live and Let Die and The Man with the Golden Gun:
”FSWL is most excellent and deserves all support.”

Hans Andersson, Key Account Manager, Carta Mundi, Sweden:
“Anders, thanks for your support and good luck in the future!”

Hilary Saltzman, daughter of legendary Bond film producer Harry Saltzman:
“Excellent Anders, you rock! Keep up the good work. I am also happy for you that you had a chance to be in one of the movies.”

Izabella Scorupco, Swedish actress and Bond girl in GoldenEye:
"What a fantastic site you have created Anders, I'm incredibly impressed!"

Jessica Bab-Bonde, Public Relation Officer, Tiden, Sweden:
“Your competitions for us are really great!”

Jessica Isaksson, Journalist from Swedish newspaper Expressen:
“This website is really good!”

Joachim Brobeck, producr of Welcome to Sweden with Richard Kiel and Verne Troyen:
"A big thank you for doing public relations and advertising. Glad you had fun with Richard, and interesting to read about different events on your site."

Joakim Persson, SF Film Conference and Event, Sweden:
“Thanks for your help with the quiz. I am really impressed of your professionally designed website. Brilliant!”

Joel Svanberg, Bond fan from Sweden:
“Diving in to the vast ocean of facts and trivia that surrounds world wide phenomena James Bond, is not an easy task. But Anders Frejdh not only delivers all the information brilliantly, but above all does it with the unmistaken enthusiasm of a true fan, and with a personal touch!”

John Berge, Founder of, Norway's oldest 007 website:
“You are the number one fan in Scandinavia. I become a tiny person in comparison!”

John Cope, Bond fan from England:
“Congratulations on a great site. Well done and very informative.”

John Cork, Co-author of James Bond: The Legacy and Bond Girls Are Forever: The Women of James Bond and documentary filmmaker:
"Anders, your passion for Bond really comes through on the site! While James Bond may be the ultimate British agent, your site helps show why his appeal is global! Keep helping to tell the remarkable story of 007!"

John Cox, Proprietor of The Book Bond and The Young Bond Dossier, USA:
“Excellent site, my favourite Swedish one.”

John Glen From Sweden with Love
John Glen, director of five James Bond films, added: “I found this website most interesting and very comprehensive.”

Karen Leathan, Head of Visitor Services and Marketing, Somerset House Trust, UK:
“What an impressive website.”

Kees Boer, Bond fan from USA:
“Nice website. I like the locations.”

Keith Hamshere, official stills photograher on EIGHT James Bond films:
"Incredibly informative! I use it to look up my colleagues, and find out all the things I didn't but should know about them."

Kemi Xu, Bond Girl in Moonraker:
“One of the most addictive sites on the Internet. Up-to-date info for Bond fans. I enjoy the news and photos. Thank you, FSWL.”

Ken Grippo, Proprietor of Bondstuff, USA:
“WOW! What a fantastic website you have here. I've been looking through it for the past couple of hours.”

Kevin Collette, James Bond/Ian Fleming expert and Proprietor of Media Bis, France:
“One of the very best informative sites about Bond.”

Klaus Gericke, Proprietor of Der Name Ist Bond - James Bond, Germany:
“This is the best site from Sweden!”

Kristina Wayborn From Sweden with Love
Wishes to From Sweden with Love from actress and Swedish Bond girl Kristina Wayborn.

Lana Wood, Actress who appeared in Diamonds Are Forever (1971):
“Yours is the best website – Good luck!”

Laurent Perriot, Press Relations, Club James Bond France:
“I think your site is really good!”

Lee Pfeiffer, James Bond expert and famous author, Proprietor of Spy Guise and Chief Editor of Cinema Retro, USA:
“Thank you for sharing your wonderful website.”

Lee Washington, moderator of Young Bond Dossier, UK:
“I really like the site, lots of excellent content.”

Lisa McAllister, Rowman and Littlefield Publishing Group, USA:
“Thank you for the publicity of our upcoming Historical Dictionary of Ian Fleming's James Bond.”

Lois Chiles From Sweden with Love
Wishes to From Sweden with Love from Bond girl Lois Chiles.

Lucy Chavasse, Colman Getty, London:
“Thank you for sending all this coverage through, I think it looks great!”

Lucy Hurst, Publicity and Marketing Manager, Wallflower Press:
“Thanks very much for adding info about the James Bond book on your site, that's great.”

Magnus Utvik, book critic for Swedish National Television:
"Nice site Anders!"

Malin Nasiell, PR Manager Fiction, Norstedts, Sweden:
“Anders, many thanks for your help.”

Marie-France Vienne, Webmaster for Roger Moore's official website, Belgium:
"Congratulations on the excellent website!"

Mark Ashby, long-time Bond fan in England:
"A truly excellent and comprehensive site. The essential port of call for all things Bond."

Mark Cerulli, Co-producer of Behind The Scenes With Goldfinger and Behind the scenes with Thunderball, USA:
"FSWL is a remarkable website devoted to all things 007. The editor really knows and loves the subject - and his enthusiasm shows. A source for great interviews, inside looks at exclusive Bond events, even an archive of rare 007 items and autographs - Bond eye candy. It's a lot of fun to check out and best of all - you don't have to speak Swedish to enjoy it, all the text is in English as well!"

Mark Dawson, Webmaster for From Eastbourne With Love, UK:
“What a fantastic 007 collection and an incredible site! You have designed an indispensable resource for James Bond fans around the globe. Well done!”

Mark O'Connell, author of Catching Bullets: Memoirs of a Bond Fan:
"Lovingly curated by our man in Sweden, this is a grand site for Bondage....and Maud Adams."

Martijn Mulder, Author of On The Tracks Of 007, Netherlands:
“Wonderful website and supporting Facebook page. Always one of the first with the latest news, very reliable source. Thanks also for helping me promote the book.”

Martin Grace, Roger Moore’s official stunt double:
“For any Bond fan, From Sweden With Love gives a wealth of information about all things James Bond, I have found it fascinating and interesting.”

Martin Shubrook, Partner, Shubrook Bros Enterprises:
“Wow! The site looks great. Thanks you so much for helping us promote the Derek Medding’s book.”

Mary Stavin From Sweden with Love
Mary Stavin, Miss World 1977 and actress who appeared in Octopussy (1983) and A View To A Kill (1985), added: “Anders, good luck with the book and have fun.”

Matt Sherman, Proprietor of 007 Forever and organiser of Bond Weekends, USA:
“Your site looks terrific, great job!”

Matthew Field, author of The Making of The Italian Job, Blade Runners, Deer Hunters and Blowing the Bloody Doors Off! and co-author of Some Kind Of Hero: The Remarkable Story of the James Bond films:
“FSWL is a FANTASTIC resource for everything James Bond!”

Maud Adams, actress who appeared in The Man With The Golden Gun (1974) and Octopussy (1983):
“Good luck with your amazing website, Anders”

Maurisa Potts, Marketing Director, Crystal City Business Improvement District, USA:
“We are pleased that our summer festival is receiving International attention. Thank you for posting our festival on your site.”

Michael Gillette, Illustrator for the 2008 Penguin series of James Bond novels by Ian Fleming:
“Love this site!”

Michel Bell, Bond fan and famous artist from Canada:
“FSWL is a REAL encyclopedia of James Bond - what a nice piece of work!”

Mike Boldt, famous lithograph artist from USA:
“Great website, it's always a joy to see a quality website on 007.”

Neal Purvis & Robert Wade, screenwriters of The World Is Not Enough, Die Another Day, Casino Royale (2006), Quantum of Solace, Skyfall and SPECTRE:
"We love From Sweden with Love!"

Nicolás Suszczyk, Bond fan in Argentina:
“A very effective site. Great job with the articles, interviews and event coverages. Best Swedish ally for a Bond fan from around the world!”

Nikki van der Zyl, talented artist who dubbed many of the Bond women in the 1960's and 1970's:
“I find the contents of your web site very interesting and informative.”

Norman Wanstall, Oscar-winning Sound Editor who worked on six James Bond films (Dr. No, From Russia with Love, Goldfinger, Thunderball, You Only Live Twice Never Say Never Again):
“I must say you are indeed a true Bond fan. I looked at your website and I was very impressed, so many Bond people seen by you and so many photographs taken. Well done, indeed!”

Patrik Ehrnst, Journalist for Swedish National Radio:
”Thanks so much for your participation in the show, you were really good!”

Paul Baack and Tom Zielinski, publishers of Her Majesty's Secret Servant:
”We think FSWL is Sweden's number one James Bond website, and a very cool place to hang out it is.”

Paul Deblond, Bond fan from Sweden:
“Nice site. Lot of interesting stuff to read, keep up the good work.”

Paul Kotheimer, music producer from Ohio, USA:
“Most awesome website ever. Anders, you are amazing. I can't believe you've done what you've done. The coolest thing ever!”

Paul Kyriazi, Author of James Bond Lifestyle:
“Your site is distinct and I enjoy it.”

Paul Scrabo, Proprietor of PS Productions, USA:
“Your Bond site looks wonderful.”

Per Melker, Senior Director at CSO Media, USA:
“Your website is splendid! Very well done.”

Peter Bodor, Public Affairs and Communication Director, Coca-Cola, Sweden:
“Really impressive site you are running!”

Peter James, best-selling author and creator of the Roy Grace crime novel series, UK:
“This website is an absolute must for any Bond fan anywhere in the world - and any age! The level of detail is truly impressive - and I was amazed at some of the fascinating things you have been associated with. Surely if it's not on your web site, it's not worth knowing!”

Peter Lorenz, Proprietor of The Illustrated 007 website:
“Thank you for your great website; I like especially the book section.”

Petra Tell, PR manager, Activision, Sweden:
“The site looks really good Anders! It must have been nice to end up in the film even if it was for a brief moment.”

Pierre Rodiac, former president of Club James Bond France:
“Great website! And how many Bond stars you've met! I'm amazed!”

Pontus Forslund, Bond fan from Sweden:
“Very informative and respectful site about James Bond, truly impressive.”

Preben Søgaard, Webmaster of BMT216A, Denmark:
“I find your site quite impressive and you do not mirror the information on other Bond sites, well done. Keep up the good work.”

Raymond Benson, Author of nine official James Bond novels:
“FSWL is one of the best (out of a zillion!) Bond fan and information sites in cyberspace. Anders is also a real gentleman and friend.”

Remmert van Braam, Webmaster for James Bond Lifestyle, Netherlands:
“Your website, which is quite famous already, looks great. Keep up the good work!”

Richard Herd, American actor with Swedish roots:
"Good luck on your James Bond adventure Anders!!"

Richard Skillman, founder of Theme Party People, a film location tours company in USA:
"One of the most comprehensive James Bond sites on the web with uncanny trending of 007 news relative to the stars, crew , films and writings of all things Bond. A real go-to site for those wishing to be in the know."

Rikard Andersson, Owner of WestAros Productions, Sweden:
“Well, what can I praise that haven't already been praised in previous reviews? First of all I fully agree with all of them. Furthermore I'd like to express some of the qualities that really distinguish this site - reliability, quantity, class, passion and love. Anders - I salute you!”

Robert Lee, The Royal British Legion, UK:
“Good luck with your website Anders!”

Robert Malton, Swedish Chamber of Commerce, London:
“Very cool site! And really substantial, too.”

Roger Moore From Sweden with Love
Wishes to From Sweden with Love from James Bond actor Roger Moore.

Ronny Svensson, film critic for Swedish broadcaster TV4:
“All information you want, and that you never thought you wanted, or that you even knew existed, you will get from Anders Frejdh, the Swedish expert in the field.”

Romain, Webmaster for Agent James Bond 007, France:
“I would like to congratulate you, I do not visit often such an exhaustive and beautiful website about 007 like this one!”

Ronald Payne, producer of the first 'An Evening with George Lazenby' for The Edgar Cayce Foundation in USA:
“Congratulations on a wonderful James Bond website.”

Sebastien Foucan From Sweden with Love
Wishes to From Sweden with Love from Sebastien Foucan, the man behind all Parkour scenes in Casino Royale.

Shane Rimmer, Canadian actor in You Only Live Twice, Diamonds Are Forever and The Spy Who Loved Me:
"From Sweden with Love is an excellent compilation of all the Bond films, the casts and directors. It is attractive, detailed, constantly updated and an invaluable reference to anyone associated with the film business and the fans. A great site."

Stanley Morgan, famous author and actor who appeared in Dr. No (1962):
“I am overwhelmed by your achievement. What dedication! I shall return to your site time and again to take in the vast amount of information there.”

Stephan Bäckman, Bond fan from Sweden:
“So much love goes into this site. One of the best.”

Steve Oxenrider, Bond fan from USA:
“FSWL is one of the most comprehensive, entertaining and informative websites devoted to James Bond. It is updated daily, features breaking news from the world of 007 and is consistently held in high esteem by all Bond fans.”

Steven Saltzman, music producer and son of Harry Saltzman:
“Love this site!”

Sussie Larsson, Event Manager Strategic Partners, Scandic Hotels, Sweden:
“We were really pleased with your presentation as it turned out to be a great night for the guests.”

Terry Pearson and Susan Jeffrey, Proprietors of Quadbod Media Memorabilia in the UK:
“Congratulations on a superb collection and an excellent website on which to store it!”

Terry Bamber, Production Manager for Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough, Die Another Day, Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and Skyfall:
“Terrific site - I think I will be visiting it a few times.”

Tobias Gustavsson, Webmaster from Sweden:
“I do not like James Bond but I love people who have a serious interest and then do something with it. The site you have is wonderful in that perspective.”

Thomas Drugg, founder of, the oldest 007 website in Sweden:
“This one's different. This one's got heart.”

Vic Armstrong, world famous stuntman, stunt coordinator and director:
"FSWL is very good and inventive and obviously an aficionado runs it."

Virginia Hey, Actress who appeared in The Living Daylights (1987):
“Fabulous! Well done. Attention to detail is marvellous.”

Wolfgang Thürauf, Founding member of Bondklub Deutschland, Germany:
“This is a GREAT website!”



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