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Scale 1:8 Replica of James Bond's Aston Martin DB5

By: FSWL team
007 DB5
For the first time ever, Eon Productions and Aston Martin have authorised the creation of a perfect 1:8 scale replica of the Goldfinger (1964) Aston Martin DB5. The car is only available in Australia, Germany, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK. Back issues can be ordered from Eaglemoss Collections.

The model will be supplied over 85 weekly issues. There are approximately 350 individual pieces, all of which either click together or are held in place by screws.

Extra screws will be supplied at regular intervals and we guarantee that back issues of every piece will be available until the last part of the collection has been released.

Number of issues: 85
Number of parts: 350
KIinds of screw: 4mm and 5mm crosshead screws
Screwdrivers needed: 2 spare screws supplied

Other pieces:
Screw identification sheet
Unique Aston Martin Screwdrivers and screw tidy box for subscribers.

Part List:
Issue 1 - Grill; Logo: Bulletproof screen
Issue 2 - Driver seat top; Driver seat bottom; Driver seat back; driver seat back cover; Driver seat right arm; Driver seat left arm; Front bumper, Ram front; Front license plate; Front license plate base; Ram shaft front
Issue 3 - Control console; Console door; Console inside plate; Tyre; Left console hinge; Right console hinge; Shaft console, hinge left
Issue 4 - Hood; Metal label – Superleggera
Issue 5 - Side mirror; Radar lens; Drawer base; Drawer base cover: Gun handle; Gun; Gun tube 1; Gun tube 2; Boom; Knife: Rear license plate base; Ram shaft rear, Roof
Issue 6 - Fan; Fan belt; Fan housing; Oil cover; Cylinder head top
Issue 7 - Chassis
Issue 8 - Shifter; Shifter cover; Shifter retainer; Shifter console; Horn right; Spring-shifter; Shaft-shifter
Issue 9 - Trigger housing rear; Trigger housing front; Spring holder; Spring-seat
Issue 10 - Battery box; Battery door; Contacts, switch and wire
Issue 11 - Right door panel; Door panel compartment; Door panel cover; Telephone; Door panel hinge 1; Door panel hinge 2: Shaft – door panel hinge
Issue 12 - Wheel outer rim; Front caliper; Rear caliper; Front rim, inner; Front brake disc; Caliper-front wheel; Slasher-front wheel; Wheel rim ring
Issue 13 - Left door frame; Right door frame; Left door panel
Issue 14 - Rear window frame; Left side window; Right side window
Issue 15 - Rear window; Windshield frame
Issue 16 - Steering wheel; Steering column upper; Steering column lower: Horn button; Shaft-steering
Issue 17 - Hinge hood
Issue 18 - Headlight reflector; Headlight; Roof inner; Door handle: Left headlight lens; Right headlight lens
Issue 19 - Right headlight frame; L.E.D. and wire
Issue 20 - Right door
Issue 21 - Door panel handle; light-lower; Left door panel trim: Right door panel trim
Issue 22 - Gun; Left side-mirror frame; Right side-mirror frame
Issue 23 - Front seat top; Front seat body; Front seat back; Front seat right arm; Front seat left arm; Hook; Detail-seat handle
Issue 24 - Right fuel tank; Right fuel door; Right fuel door hinge
Issue 25 - Left door hinge; Right door hinge; Left door hinge retainer: Right door hinge retainer; Door lock left; Door lock right
Issue 26 - Tyre
Issue 27 - Wheel rim outer; Rear rim inner; Rear brake disc front: Rear brake disc rear; Centre gear; Gear 1; Gear 2; Front caliper; Rear caliper; Slasher inner; Slasher outer; Retainer; Rear wheel shaft; Wheel rim ring
Issue 28 - Antenna top; Antenna; Detail-trunk lid; Holder rod-hood: Holder rod mount-hood; Lens
Issue 29 - Top left exhaust pipe; Top right exhaust pip; Bottom right exhaust pipe; Bottom left exhaust pipe; Left coil spring retainer: Right coil spring retainer
Issue 30 - Rear axle; Rear axle back; Stabiliser; Supporting linkage: Left trailing arm; Right trailing arm
Issue 31 - Dashboard; Control front plate; Mount plate-dashboard: Clear plate-control; Left plate-dashboard; Left plate detail: Dashobard detail; Switches, L.E.D. and wire
Issue 32 - Hose left; Battery 2; Tank 1; Tank 2; Tank 3: Air cleaner; Air cleaner cover
Issue 33 - Power box top; Power box btm; Hose right: Engines trans top; Engine trans bottom
Issue 34 - Trans shaft
Issue 35 - Left cylinder head; Right cylinder head: Left ignition coil; Right ignition coil
Issue 36 - Carburettor bottom; Smog pump: Ignition supporter; Carbutettor top; Bulletproof housing front; Bulletproof housing rear
Issue 37 - Fuel pump; Exhaust manifold; Crankshaft; Crankshaft pulley shaft; Water pump impeller
Issue 38 - Pulley; Oil duct; Radiator front; Radiator rear; Ignition coil supporter; Detail 1; Detail 2: Hose connector
Issue 39 - Trunk lid; Trunk lid hinge; DB5 metal label
Issue 40 - Rear seat; Rear seat back; Rear seat left arm rest; Rear seat right arm rest; Rear shelf panel: Rear shelf panel back
Issue 41 - Wire holder
Issue 42 - Middle part, rear seat; Rear seat mount: Rear shelf panel detail; Front bumper base
Issue 43 - Trunk lid handle
Issue 44 - String; Side rail-body
Issue 45 - Rear license plate frame; Front license plate retainer; Support rod; Antenna shaft
Issue 46 - Tyre
Issue 47 - Spring-rear suspension
Issue 48 - Trunk lid cover; Trunk lid hinge cover; Ram shaft front; Rear signal light mount; Rear signal light mount shaft; Front wheel screw; Screw nut
Issue 49 - Windshield; Hose 1; Hose 2; Hose 3: Hose 4; Wire; Bulletproof screen trigger: Front suspension shaft; Ignition key
Issue 50 - Rear bumper; Ram rear; Rear license plate
Issue 51 - Rear signal light housing; Rear signal light base; Rear signal light 1; Rear signal light 2; Rear signal light 3; LED and wire; Trunk lid hinge cover
Issue 52 - Left fuel tank; Left fuel door; Left fuel door hinge
Issue 53 - Speaker grill; Speaker cover; Key switch top: Key switch bottom; Switch; Speaker and wire: Switch and wire
Issue 54 - Wheel rim outer; Rear rim inner: Rear brake disc front; Rear brake disc rear: Centre gear; Gear 1; Gear 2; Caliper front: Caliper rear; Slasher inner; Slasher outer: Retainer; Rear wheel shaft; Wheel rim ring
Issue 55 - Engine block right
Issue 56 - Firewall front; Left firewall left; Right firewall: Left compressor; Right compressor
Issue 57 - Pedal switch top; Pedal switch bottom; Brake pedal; Accelerator pedal; Clutch pedal; Switches and wire
Issue 58 - Inner roof light; Left sun visor; Right sun visor: Left door window; Support rod holder
Issue 59 - Front suspension spring
Issue 60 - Monitor; Monitor screen; Monitor detail: Monitor screen cover; LED and wire
Issue 61 - Lef engine block
Issue 62 - Side mirror; Rear window; Radar lens: Left wiper; Right wiper
Issue 63 - Linkage; Handbrake; Headlamp control: Steering gear; Switch and wire
Issue 64 - Tyre
Issue 65 - Left door
Issue 66 - Car body, top
Issue 67 - Floor panel (spray with carpet effect): Floor detail; Chassis Detail 1; Chassis Detail 2
Issue 68 - Lever shifter; Lever cover 1; Lever cover 2: Rear left exhaust pipe; Rear right exhaust pipe
Issue 69 - Car body front
Issue 70 - Inner roof cover; Front body detail
Issue 71 - Front suspension; Button-console; Dashboard small detail; Left small plate left; Right small plate; Left small plate cover; Right small plate cover
Issue 72 - Left side sill and frame; Right side sill and frame
Issue 73 - Wheel rim outer; Caliper front; Caliper rear: Front rim inner; Front brake disc; Front wheel caliper; Front wheel slasher; Wheel rim ring
Issue 74 - Main PCB
Issue 75 - Rear car body

James Bond’s DB5 is a build-up model that is supplied in 75 weekly instalments. It is available from newsagents or you can subscribe online.
Every issue comes with new components for your model and a magazine with instructions and behind-the-scenes features on the making of the OO7 movies.

Subscribe to the James Bond’s DB5 magazine to get the chance to drive a fabulous supercar around Knockhill’s famous track, plus these five gifts worth £50: Magazine binder, Goldfinger DVD, Screwdriver, Screw box, H.F. Ullman's Aston Martin book. Click below:



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