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New Casino Royale (1967) 2-CD Soundtrack

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Casino Royale 1967 soundtrack CD
By popular demand, and to coincide with the 50th anniversary of James Bond, and the premiere of Skyfall (2012) (2012), Quartet Records has reissued Burt Bacharach’s complete masterpiece score for Casino Royale (1967), specially designed for those who missed the first release. Limited to 1500 copies worldwide!

The film was an ambitious comedy spoof about the 007 character produced by Charles K. Feldman, who assembled a top-notch cast including Peter Sellers, David Niven, Orson Welles, Ursula Andress, Woody Allen, Deborah Kerr, William Holden, etc.

The plot is a far cry from Ian Fleming’s tense spy thriller – but it was never meant to be taken seriously… After the death of his boss, Sir James Bond (Niven) decides to battle its nefarious enemy SMERSH through confusing the heck out of them. By renaming all of its operatives to James Bond (including the girls), Sir James launches numerous parallel storylines with various characters dubbed as 007. Baccarat expert Evelyn Tremble (Sellers) is given the task to bankrupt the villainous Le Chiffre (Welles) – he is introduced to the world of espionage and love by the more experienced Vesper Lynd (Andress). In the meantime, Sir James’ illegitimate daughter Mata Bond (Joanna Pettet) breaks off her sabbatical in an Indian temple to investigate a strange organization in East Berlin, discovering the most shocking auction ever. Another relative of Sir James named Jimmy (Allen) wrecks havoc as an incredibly incompetent agent, but he is ready to surprise his uncle when all the plotlines converge in Casino Royale for a huge brawl where cowboys, Indians, legionnaires and even monkeys participate in the largest slapstick scene ever filmed.

The convoluted plot is the direct result of a nine month shooting period that ate up five (credited) directors, countless screenwriters and many changes in lead actors.

One of the most lasting aspects of the film is its score, provided by Burt Bacharach who had previously worked with Feldman on What’s New Pussycat? (1965). His infectious main theme performed by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass is just the starting point of an epic comedy ride that includes such highlights as the unforgettable "The Look of Love" by Dusty Springfield or the epic fight music at the end of the film.

Produced by record industry legend Phil Ramone, the original soundtrack LP offered selected highlights of the program, expertly edited to showcase the best parts of the entire score. Thanks to the legendary sound quality of the stereo copies, this record became one of the most highly sought after collectibles of the entire industry. But Burt Bacharach’s score deserves even more than that, so Quartet Records gave this decade-defining score a deluxe treatment to highlight all the versatility and humor the composer put into this immense spoof monument.

Editor's note:
Although Quartet Records have admitted that their first edition was highly appreciated, they received some complaints for using a pristine submaster found in the Sony Music vaults for the ‘album version’. So, for this reissue they have their own restoration and mastering of the original first generation master in stereo. The master for the ‘complete original score’ in mono is exactly the same.

The new package is a double jewel box that includes a 24-page booklet with liner notes of Gergely Hubay.

01. Main Titles (Played by Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass) (2:35)
02. Opening Cars Converging / To the Bond Chateau (1:54)
03. The Black Rose (0:33)
04. Pipe Lament / James Bond in Scotland (1:14)
05. Cock O’ the North (1:52)
06. The Widow Duty of Lady Fiona / Wassail (3:41)
07. Agent Mimi Locked in Her Room (1:35)
08. Grouse Shoot (0:33)
09. Mimi’s Lament (1:29)
10. Little French Boy (Drink a Pint of Milk a Day) (2:08)
11. Money Penny’s Bedroom (1:36)
12. Gymnasium Training (1:48)
13. Buckingham Club (1:19)
14. The Look of Love (Performed by Dusty Springfield) (3:46)
15. Proposals, Super 8 and Costumes (1:35)
16. Sir James´ Trip to Find Mata / Temple Dance (3:14)
17. Sitar Background / Back to London (2:54)
18. Arrival in Berlin (1:03)
19. Old Berlin House / Mata-Hari School for Spies (2:43)
20. Escape from the Berlin House (1:19)
21. Bond Arrival in France (0:39)
22. Vesper in the Shower (0:42)
23. Hi There Miss Goodthings (1:15)
24. Dream On James, You´re Winning (Performed by Mike Redway) (1:17)
25. Le Chiffre´s Magic Act / My Name is Bond, James Bond (1:14)
26. Vesper´s Kidnapping (0:44)
27. Torture Sequence (2:19)
28. Mata´s Kidnapping / Flying Saucer (1:05)
29. Sister McTarry (0:36)
30. Fight in Casino Manager´s Office / Dr. Noah´s Headquarters (2:09)
31. The LSD Room (0:34)
32. The Big Fight at Casino Royale (4:30)
33. Seven Bond in Heaven / The´ End Title (Performed by Mike Redway) (2:25)

Total Disc Time: 60:19

01. Casino Royale Theme (Main Title ) (2:36)
02. The Look of Love (Performed by Dusty Springfield) (4:09)
03. Money Penny Goes for Broke (1:38)
04. Le Chiffre´s Torture of Mind (2:10)
05. Home James, Don´t Spare the Horses (1:31)
06. Sir James´ Trip to Find Mata (3:48)
07. The Look of Love (Instrumental) (2:46)
08. Hi There Miss Goodthighs (1:14)
09. Little French Boy (2:21)
10. Flying Saucer / First Stop Berlin (2:52)
11. The Venerable Sir James Bond (2:30)
12. Dream on James, You´re Winning (1:18)
13. The Big Cowboys and Indians Fight at Casino Royale / Casino Royale Theme (Reprise) (Performed by Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass) (4:57)

Total Disc Time: 33:48

Product details:
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 2
Label: Quartet Records
Other Editions: Audio CD | Vinyl

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