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Roger Moore dyker upp i seriebok

Av: Anders Frejdh
Brian gorman borderliners
Icons of stage and screen, SIR ROGER MOORE and SIR IAN MCKELLEN have helped an artist realize his life-long dream.

BRIAN GORMAN asked the eminent thespians if they would ‘play’ characters in his debut comic book story, and they were only too happy to do so:
“I’ve loved Roger for years, first as TV’s ‘The Saint’ when I was a kid, then later as James Bond. And Sir Ian has long been an inspiration to me as we both grew up in Wigan. He is even starring in the re-make of one of my favourite TV series this year – ‘The Prisoner’ (due to be premiered on ITV in 2010). I explained the concept to them, and they gave me permission to use their likenesses”.

BORDERLINERS: Ceremony Of Innocence was written & drawn by Brian, a year ago. It’s a fast-moving 21st century espionage tale with more than a nod to TV’s ‘Spooks’ and the Jason Bourne movie franchise, not to mention the mind-bending sci-fi stories of Philip K Dick (‘Blade Runner’, ‘Total Recall’, ‘Minority Report’, etc). The grittily realistic tale finds double-crossed government agents fighting to recover their sanity, and hit back against a corrupt department of M.I.5. Gorman produced the first issue, and sent it out to industry professionals as a ‘pilot’ intended to gather comments and advice. He was overwhelmed by the response:
“I sent it to the biggest names I could think of, and people who’s own work I admired. IF I got a good response, I knew it would give me the kick I needed to plunge into an industry I’d always wanted to work in”.

DEZ SKINN, legendary Marvel UK Comics editor, second-in-command to Spider-Man creator STAN LEE, and creator of ‘Dr Who Magazine’, ‘Starburst’, and ‘House of Hammer’ read the comic. He loved it:
“..In Brian’s case, I can’t wait for his second, third, and every issue of Borderliners that follows. It delivers a totally engrossing storyline enhanced by an admirable art style. Bring it on, Brian!”.

Multi award-winning ‘Judge Dredd’, ‘Batman’, and ‘Luther Arkwright’ writer/artist BRYAN TALBOT was also impressed:
“..I’ve seen your work develop over many years, and you’ve now achieved a new level of confidence and visual flair”.

And LIAM SHARP (artist on ‘X-Men’) said:
“The effort that’s gone into this is clear on every page. It’s a joy to read something that doesn’t treat the reader like an idiot.”

MIKE COLLINS, artist on Dr Who Magazine, Spider-Man, etc., agreed:
“It has a confident feel to the structure and dialogue – a sense you know where you’re going, and I’m keen to be along for the ride. I want to know what happens next! And that’s more than I can say about most mainstream stuff these days!”

Brian has now written the first issue of a series of ‘BORDERLINERS’, and is about to embark on the artwork. His method involves taking many reference photographs, and even casting friends and actors to ‘play’ the characters. If any budding thespians/models or actors would like to see themselves alongside Sir Roger and Sir Ian, then Brian is keen to hear from you!
“Just email me at brianinchester@yahoo.co.uk, with a photo, and let’s see. I’m always keen to involve people with a genuine interest, and love for film, art, etc. Also, if anyone has a business, or location they’d like to see depicted, then drop me a line. Maybe someone would like to see Sir Roger or Sir Ian browsing in their shop?!”

Having published the pilot issue through a small independent company, Unico Comics of Newcastle, he will be aiming the new work firmly at the big boys. But what has he been doing for the past couple of decades?
“I’ve tried my hand at everything really, including several years in a Wigan greengrocers after a very silly lady at the local careers office told me ‘There are no cartoonists in Wigan, so do a ‘proper’ job”!!”

Whilst working at The Chester Gateway Theatre for 12 years, mainly in the box office, Gorman went on to write, produce and act in several of his own short, independent films featuring the likes of DESMOND LLEWELYN ( ‘Q’ in the James Bond movies) and GEORGE COSTIGAN (who played the villainous Max Capricorn in the Dr Who Xmas special ‘Voyage of The Damned’). He also played leading roles in professional corporate and educational videos, and recently acted in a music video for upcoming Manchester rock band TO CATCH A THIEF.

Whilst at The Gateway he acted alongside award-winning Hollywood star EDDIE MARSAN (recently seen co-starring with WILL SMITH in ‘Hancock’) in a professional production of ‘Taking Liberties’, and played the lead role of ‘Lucky Eric’ in ‘Bouncers’ for the highly-regarded Tip Top Productions. As a producer/director, he even had DAVID TENNANT agree to play The Doctor in his own DR WHO video before the BBC hired the actor themselves!

“THAT was bizarre!! I’d seen David in the tv series ‘Blackpool’ in 2004, and thought he’d make a great Dr Who. I wrote and asked if he’d like to play The Doctor in a short film I was about to write and direct, and he phoned me up at work and said yes!! I then met him, and he was incredibly enthusiastic. Then, of course, the BBC got him. Just think if we’d got him on film first?!!”

Brian went self-employed last year, and his work has attracted a lot of attention, including commissions for a top London TV company:
“My artwork was seen by a producer, and I was commissioned to provide several illustrations for the ITV series ‘Martina Cole’s Lady Killers’. That was amazing – seeing my artwork on television, and having it viewed by millions!”

Never one to sit around, Gorman has recently written a short horror film, and shot it in Chester (playing a major on-screen role). A small, independent affair, he nevertheless has high hopes for the intriguingly-titled ‘TRUE LOVE’:
“Everyone has dreams, but most people never even attempt to make them come true. I say TRY, TRY and TRY again. Never give up. When I’m an old man, at least I can say “I tried”.

The pilot issue of BORDERLINERS is available to order from Unico Comics.

For a free download of BORDERLINERS: Ceremony Of Innocence visit:



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