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Nyhet Om John Gardners Herbie Kruger Serie

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John Gardner Herbie Kruger series
Bello, en del av Pan Macmillan som återupplivar klassiska och slutsålda titlar i tryckt format och som eböcker, släpper nu de fem romanerna i John Gardners Herbie Kruger serie med nytryckta utgåvor.

Som brittisk författare av spionromaner skrev John Gardner fjorton James Bond romaner och romanversioner av två Bond-filmer. Länkar till de fem Herbie Kruger-romanerna, som publicerades samtidigt som hans Bond-romaner och följer denna MI6 spions eskapader, finns här:

The Nostradamus Traitor (Den första romanen i den spännande Herbie Kruger-serien)
"Into the cauldron of war went the Nostradamus operation . . . out of it came an even deadlier threat than the Nazis: The Nostradamus Traitor

Britain’s psychological warfare executive knew all about the Nazi belief in the occult. They hatched up a top secret plot to drive a rift between Himmler’s SS and the Wehrmacht by infilitrating phony Nostradamus quatrains into Germany. Thirty years later then unbelievable truth began to trickle out: Herbie Kruger of British Intelligence was given the delicate task of keeping the past well and truly buried . . ."

The Garden of Weapons (Den andra boken i serien)
“'In our world we live on lies.' When Big Herbie Kruger used those words to break the KGB defector, he didn’t realize just how much his own life had been built on a lie. In his world, though, where love is just another conduit for information, it could be no other way.

Now the lies planted when Herbie created his network in East Berlin have borne their bitter fruit. The lives of men and women who trusted him are in danger and his masters in British Intelligence won’t let him go back to Berlin to help them.

Herbie Kruger has no choice, then. He must tell what may be his final lie . . ."

The Quiet Dogs (Den tredje boken)
"Is Herbie Kruger’s final stand? He has a chance for redemption. But time is running out; the Quiet Dogs are stirring . . .

After his humiliation in The Garden of Weapons, Big Herbie is still under suspicion. Worse, he has endangered Britain’s top agent in the Kremlin, Stentor. Herbie must make amends. He must manoeuvre Stentor’s rescue form the grasp of the Quiet Dogs . . . And exact revenge, in the final confrontation, on his old enemy General Jacob Vascovsky."

Maestro (Den fjärde boken)
"Louis Passau is America’s greatest living orchestral conductor, a legendary, world-acclaimed artist whose ninetieth birthday will be marked by a glittering celebratory concert at New York’s Lincoln Center. But a double shadow hangs over the event: Passau has recently been accused of spying for Hitler and, worse, the British Secret Intelligence Service have now linked his name to KGB clandestine operations in the USA during the Cold War.

The Maestro agrees to be interrogated, but only after the concert. British Intelligence call in Big Herbie Kruger to question the Maestro, and thanks to the once-famous agent-runner Passau survives an assassination attempt in his moment of glory. Still a target, he now insists on dealing only with Kruger, who desperately seeks a safe-house to conduct the debriefing.

As he grapples with the elusive truth about the conductor – from the man’s first memories of his Bavarian village, to his adventures as a young immigrant in New York, his experiences in Capone’s Chicago and his ruthless rise to fame and fortune – Herbie Kruger finds himself ensnared in the Maestro’s dangerous secrets and deceits."

Confessor (Den femte boken)
"A terrorist car bomb, and death comes quickly to The Confessor, aka Gus Keene, the best interrogator the Secret Intelligence Service ever had. But he becomes infinitely more mysterious in death when Big Herbie Kruger, torn from self-inflicted retirement, is summoned to delve into the dead man’s past. As he begins to peel back the layers of Keen’s life, he uncovers a man of hidden depths, a man who knew more than he should about Government secrets.

Soon the trail leads Kruger to the unholy alliance of a renegade IRA cell and a vicious Middle Eastern terrorist group intent upon wreaking havoc across Europe. Somewhere in their razed scenario lie the clues to Keene’s death. But Kruger must pick his way through the chaos of treachery and violence to find them . . ."

Om John Gardner:
Innan han blev författare av skönlitteratur i början av 1960-talet var John Gardner trollkarl, officer i kungliga flotten och journalist. Gardner skrev totalt femtiofyra romaner, bland annat en rad hyllade komiska romaner om en feg hemlig agent som hette Boysie Oakes.

Han tillfrågades av Ian Flemings litterära upphovsrättsinnehavare om att skriva en serie fortsättningsromaner med James Bond. Detta gjorde han framgångsrikt och istället för de kontrakterade tre böckerna publicerades totalt fjorton titlar.

Efter att ha bott på Irland och både i USA och i Storbritannien avled tyvärr John Gardner i augusti 2007 efter att precis ha avslutat sin tredje roman i Moriarty trilogin. Moriarty publicerades i Storbritannien av Quercus och i USA av Harcourt i november 2008.

För senaste nytt om de nya utgåvorna av John Gardner Herbie Kruger serie, klicka nedan:




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