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Carte Blanche Av J. Deaver (Engelsk Pocket)

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Carte blanche UK mass market paperback
Utgivning av pocketutgåvan av Carte Blanche, Jeffery Deavers första egna James Bond roman som gavs ut i maj 2011.

From Sweden with Love var inbjudna till lanseringen av "Carte Blanche" på St. Pancras International i London den 25 maj 2011. Läs vår rapport från eventet.

Tusentals kommer att dö. Det är inte känt var, eller hur, eller vem som ligger bakom hotet.

007 får carte blanche att göra vad som krävs för att skydda sitt land, men det finns inget oskrivet blad när oskyldigas liv står på spel. De enda misstänkta är yrkesmördare som inte bryr sig om civila offer.

Bond måste ta reda på vem som betalar dem, vad de planerar, och stoppa dem. Och han har fem dagar på sig att göra det.

Kommentar från författaren:
When first approached by Ian Fleming's estate and the publishing company that oversees his work to ask if I'd be interested in writing the next book in the James Bond series, I can't describe the thrill I felt.

My history with Bond goes back fifty years. I was about eight or nine when I picked up my first Bond novel. I was a bit precocious when it came to reading, but I have my parents to thank for that. They had a rule that I was not allowed to watch certain movies, but I could read anything that I could get my hands on. This was ironic since, in the 1950s and early '60s, you'd never see sex or violence on the screen. So, I was allowed to read every Bond book my father brought home or that I could afford with my allowance.

I felt Fleming's influence early. My first narrative fiction, written when I was eleven, was based on Bond. It was about a spy who stole a top-secret airplane from the Russians. The agent was American but had a British connection, having been stationed, like my father, in East Anglia during WWII.

I can still recall the moment when I heard on the news that Fleming had died – I was in my mid-teens. It was as if I had lost a good friend or uncle. Nearly as troubling was the TV anchorman who reported that Bond, too, would die in the final pages of the last book, The Man with the Golden Gun. I was in agony until I could buy it the moment it was released. I read it in one sitting and learned the truth - at least I'd only have to mourn the loss of one of my heroes, not two.

I have won or been nominated for a number of awards for my thriller writing but the one that I'm the most proud of is the Ian Fleming Steel Dagger, presented in conjunction with the UK's Crime Writers' Association, for my thriller Garden of Beasts. The award is in the shape of a commando knife that Fleming is said to have carried in his days working for the Naval Intelligence Division during the Second World War. The imposing award sits in the middle of my mantelpiece at home.

I don't want to give much away about the new book yet, except to say that it takes place in the present day and that the story occurs over a short period of time and finds Bond in three or four exotic locations around the globe.

The novel will maintain the persona of James Bond as Fleming created him and the unique tone the author brought to his books, while incorporating my own literary trademarks: detailed research, fast pacing and surprise twists.

As far as any parallels between Bond's life and mine, there are a few, I'll admit. I enjoy fast cars – I've owned a Maserati and a Jaguar, and I now take my BMW M3 or Infiniti G37 to the track occasionally. I'm a downhill skier and scuba diver. I enjoy single-malt scotch and American bourbons—not vodka, though if I recall from my reading of the Bond books, the spy himself drank whisky considerably more often than his "shaken, not-stirred" martinis. -Jeffery Deaver

Pocket: 512 sidor
Förlag: Hodder & Stoughton
Språk: Engelska
ISBN-10: 144471645X
ISBN-13: 978-1444716450
Storlek: 19.6 x 12.8 x 3.4 cm
Omslagspris: £7.99

Om författaren:
Jeffery Deaver är författare till två novellsamlingar och tjugosju romaner. Han är mest känd för sina bästsäljande Lincoln Rhyme deckare, bland dessa ingår THE BONE COLLECTOR som det gjordes en långfilm av med Denzel Washington och Angelina Jolie i huvudrollerna. Bland andra utmärkelser fick han priset för årets roman på The International Thriller Awards 2009 för THE BODIES LEFT BEHIND, en "Crime Writers Association Steel Dagger" för bästa deckare med GARDEN OF BEASTS och deras novellpris för "The Weekender" ur samlingen TWISTED.

För mer information om Deavers böcker, besök hans officiella webbplats.

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Bild ovan:
Den engelska pocketutgåvan av Carte Blanche. © 2012 Hodder & Stoughton. Alla rättigheter förbehållna.

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