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Skådespelare och filmarbetare delar sina favoritögonblick från James Bond-filmerna

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James Bond cast and crew favourite Bond moment
James Bond-skådespelare och andra filmarbetare inklusive skådespelarna George Lazenby och Colin Salmon, skådespelerskorna Madeline Smith, Caterina Murino, Naomie Harris, kompositören David Arnold och regissören John Glen har delat sina favoritögonblick för 60-årsjubileet av filmserien producerad av EON Productions.

Berenice Marlohe, Sévérine i Skyfall, skrev att hennes starkaste minne från 60 år av James Bond-filmer är i Dr. No:
“I was raised with Sean Connery as Bond and for me it's that "Bond, James Bond" line, mirroring "Trench, Sylvia Trench." The moment he shuts down his lighter – perfectly orchestrated rhythmically after the first "Bond...". His delivery of the iconic line, combined with the James Bond musical theme starting to play, laid the foundation for the 007 franchise and the James Bond character."

Special effects legenden John Richardson som arbetade med nio James Bond-filmer:

“The opening sequence of Octopussy has everything – action, humour, excitement – and uses all the elements of special effects trickery in the live action, model work, foreground miniatures and front projection. It was all shot in camera way before CGI and it’s a scene I loved working on the most.”

Medproducenten Gregg Wilson sade att hans favoritögonblick är från Dr. No:
“It's a great example of how unexpected challenges can lead to brilliant and innovative solutions. Towards the end of filming, director Terence Young informed production designer Ken Adam that there was a missing set for the scene where Professor Dent receives instructions from the disembodied voice of Dr. No. Ken had nearly exhausted his construction budget with about £450 remaining. As this weighed heavily on his mind, he took a stroll around Pinewood in search of inspiration and found it among the discarded debris of a demolished set, where he spotted a criss-crossed grid. He fished it out and designed a set with it positioned above a circular opening in the ceiling, casting an ominous shadow on the wall reminiscent of a spider’s web. The scene is directed with precision along a single axis because the set only had two walls. The overall effect is chilling and perfect. It is a triumph of minimalism and stylisation and a demonstration of Ken Adam’s genius.”

Stuntföraren Martin Cravens favorit 007 ögonblick är denna sekvens från No Time To Die:

“This chase scene was around 3km long - in and out of rivers in Scotland, with seven of us, including Daniel. The proximity of motorcycles and Land Rover Defenders made it even more special as the adrenaline was pumping trying to catch Bond.”

Robert Wade, manusförfattare för sju James Bond-filmer:
“Bond versus Oddjob in Goldfinger. Superb tension, set design, sound – Bond thoroughly outmatched and a nuclear bomb about to go off. Absence of music until the right moment is so bold. The best!”

Neal Purvis, manusförfattare för sju James Bond-filmer:
“It's the fight between Red Grant and Bond on the train in From Russia with Love (1963). The tense build-up, the editing, the images, the lack of music, just the sounds of the train and the brutal violence. Two great actors facing off. Two tough men beating the hell out of one another in a confined area. A powerful and influential piece of filmmaking.”

Stuntkoordinatorn Gary Powell valde en sekvens från Casino Royale (2006) som hans mest minnesvärda ögonblick:
“It's the Aston Martin DBS turnover in Daniel's first film. Not only did it get a Guinness World Record for most barrel rolls in a car – seven – but Nikki, my wife, was lying in the road doubling for Vesper when the car went over her.”

Kostymören Lindy Hemming sade:
“My favourite moment has to be Sean Connery arriving in his first casino scene in Dr.No. His midnight blue tuxedo with turned back satin cuffs and satin covered buttons are the first thing we see. It's the beginning of an iconic journey both for Bond and his tuxedo.”

Art Director Neal Callow om hans favoritögonblick:
“For me it was working on Casino Royale in the Bahamas. I’d loved James Bond films since I was a kid and to then suddenly find yourself in the Bahamas, watching absolutely amazing stunt sequences come to life and see the cinematography team going to work was unbelievable. To be able to witness that was a dream come true.”

Colin Salmon – MI6 Deputy Chief of Staff Charles Robinson i tre filmer:
“It's the scene [in Die Another Day] where we’re in a virtual gunfight during training. When I read the script the first time, I saw I got shot and my heart sank until I turned the page and read on. The relief was palpable. The actual moment came while we were rehearsing. Just before a take, Pierce popped out from behind cover and whispers ‘Bloomin heck’ I’m James Bond!’ The twinkle in his eye reminded me of the boys we once were and how far we’d come. Beautiful moment.“

Léa Seydoux – Madeleine Swann i Spectre (2015) och No Time To Die (2021):
“There are so many, but the scene from No Time To Die – saying goodbye in the boat is so beautifully shot and poignant. Daniel’s final moments on screen, at the end of his five-film run was very emotional for us all.”

Mat Whitecross, regissör av dokumentären The Sound of 007:
“We Have All The Time in the World was one of my favourite songs growing up – my Dad had it on a Louis Armstrong album and I would play it on repeat. But it wasn’t until I'd left home that I finally watched On Her Majesty's Secret Service and realised it was actually a Bond song!

The track was used so wonderfully in No Time To Die and immediately took you back through all those years of 007 history, recalling the tragedy at the end of OHMSS and the poignancy of Louis Armstrong saying goodbye to the world through this song. Only music has that power.”

Officiell jubileumstrailer för 60 år med James Bond 007-filmer:

Thomas Newman, kompositör av filmmusiken i Skyfall och Spectre:
“Bond and M’s drive to Skyfall in the Aston Martin. So unexpected. So promising of the story to come.”

David Arnold, kompositör av filmmusiken i Tomorrow Never Dies (1997), The World Is Not Enough (1999), Die Another Day (2002), Casino Royale (2006) and Quantum of Solace (2008):
“My standout moment from the series is from You Only Live Twice (1967), the first Bond film I ever saw. I was 8. In the opening, Blofeld’s spacecraft – in pursuit of a NASA rocket (a much smaller piece of space hardware) – opens its jaw-like tip and consumes the NASA vehicle entirely, not only trapping the astronauts within, but simultaneously severing the lifeline of the one astronaut who had been outside the ship doing repairs.

As John Barry’s brilliant score cue 'Capsule In Space' reaches its climax, the astronaut is seen silently, helplessly floating away into the void... and we know he's not coming back. It was genuinely scary – a reminder that Bond’s nemesis is dangerous and ruthless. What a way to start a movie.”

Dali Benssalah – Primo i No Time To Die:
“It’s the start of Casino Royale: the alternating montage of the fight and the office conversation, and when Bond says that indeed, the second time you kill is easier.”

Vijay Amritraj – Vijay i Octopussy:
"It’s when Roger Moore is introduced in Live and Let Die. He walks in to meet Solitaire (Jane Seymour) for the first time and says, 'Black Queen on the Red King, miss.' He then says the famous words for the first time. Completely iconic.”

George Lazenby – James Bond i On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969):

“Shooting the pre-title sequence for On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Doing my own stunts and coming up with ‘This never happened to the other fella’ which was not in the script.”

Vic Armstrong – stunt coordinator, second unit director and stunt double on 007 films dating back to 1967.
“I was involved in so many great moments during my 'Bond life”. If I had to make a choice, it would be the Q-Boat chase in The World Is Not Enough. It is so British in its setting and has a few lovely humorous moments such as Pierce straightening his tie under water. This scene plugged into some great original and iconic action.”

Michelle Yeoh – Wai Lin in Tomorrow Never Dies (1997):
“My favourite 007 moment is where Bond and I jump out from the 100-storey skyscraper. It gives maximum exhilaration... handcuffed to Bond, escaping, cuffed on a motorcycle through the streets being pursued by a helicopter! Insanely fun."

Simon Hayes, No Time To Die Production Sound Mixer:
“It has to be escaping the crocodile farm in Live and Let Die - the scene embodies Bond! 007 finds himself in a seemingly impossible situation. The horror the audience feel as the bridge is wound back, trapping him on the island, is so real. The sheer thrill, sense of complete amazement and excitement as he makes his fantastic escape is what Bond movies are all about. Brilliant cinema!”

Lindy Hemming, Costume Designer on five 007 films from GoldenEye to Casino Royale:
“It is when Vesper (Eva Green) is in the water in Venice and Bond tries to save her. Beautiful and so dramatic.”

Debbie McWilliams, Casting Director for every James Bond film since For Your Eyes Only (1981):
"The Casino Royale poker game."

Maryam d’Abo – Kara Milovy i The Living Daylights (1987):
“I love Michelle Yeoh in Tomorrow Never Dies when she says ‘Don’t get any ideas Mr Bond’, then handcuffs 007 to a pipe and says 'I work alone.' I love that scene in the outside shower.”

Dame Judi Dench – M i alla filmer från GoldenEye till Skyfall:
“It's in GoldenEye – mine and Pierce Brosnan's first Bond together – and I call him a 'sexist, misogynist dinosaur. A relic of the Cold War...' It's not often that Bond gets a dressing down by a woman…”

Naomie Harris – Moneypenny i Skyfall, Spectre och No Time To Die:
“In Diamonds Are Forever there’s a fight scene with Sean Connery’s 007 and Bambi (Lola Larson) and Thumper (Trina Parks). Bambi and Thumper were originally meant to be men but reconceived as women, which makes the scene feel like an incredibly strong dance.”

James Bonds stuntförare, Mark Higgins:
“It’s the jump in The Man with the Golden Gun (1974) which I believe was done in one take – a great car stunt especially all those years ago.”

Paul Edmondson – stuntförare åt Daniel Craig:
“It's the Istanbul bike chase scene in Skyfall with Lee Morrison doubling as Bond – a fast chase on the rooftops of the Grand Bazaar which required serious skills and precision.”

007 stunt driver Ben Collins:
“It’s in A View to a Kill (1985). Bond steals a Parisian taxi and gets T-boned while driving the wrong way through traffic. It cuts his car in half but he continues regardless in the front section. That sequence made me want to work in movies.”

Samantha Bond, Miss Moneypenny från 1995 till 2002:
“It’s when James and Moneypenny finally kiss! It happened in front of 70 Pinewood staff and took three hours to shoot.”

Simon Waterson, Daniel Craigs personliga tränare:
“It has to be Daniel walking out the water on Casino Royale. It’s a statement scene and we trained a whole year for that moment. It was hard to get there from a fitness perspective, but the results were amazing - he showed the world that he meant business.”

Madeline Smith – Miss Caruso i Live and Let Die (1973):
“I love a mixture of excitement, humour, chills and an element of surprise... The New Orleans Marching Band parading through the streets playing the funeral march, then breaking into joyful jazz and dancing after they magically pick up the body of the murdered MI6 agent.”

Caterina Murino – Solange i Casino Royale (2006):
“It’s my scene with the horse on the beach. Behind that scene are two months of work to overcome my fears after a horse-riding accident. Any other production would have chosen an actress that was able to ride a horse.”

John Glen, Director of five films and 2nd Unit Director for three:
The Spy Who Loved Me with Rick Sylvester doubling as 007 skiing off Mount Asgard – a 7,000ft precipice on the Arctic circle. It was the first 007 film with Cubby as sole producer and this was one of his favourite scenes. A great start to one of the best films in the series.”

Zoe Tahir, hair stylist and designer on the last four 007 movies:
“It’s in Spectre before 007 delivers his "Bond, James Bond" introduction, smashing the champagne glasses as he walks toward her, throwing them to the floor like a matador.”

Billy Magnussen – Logan Ash i No Time To Die:

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Suttirat Anne Larlarb, Costume Designer för No Time To Die:
You Only Love Twice has a fantastic opening. From the grand theatre of his ceremonial naval funeral to the revelation of 007 being alive, well and ‘reborn’… all within the first few minutes of the film.”

Lashana Lynch – Nomi/007 i No Time To Die:
“This [scene from Casino Royale] is one of the most epic chases in cinema history. The stunt choreography was incredible and kept you on the edge of your seat.”

Dame Shirley Bassey, theme song singer for Goldfinger (1964), Diamonds Are Forever (1971), and Moonraker (1979):
“It’s when Goldfinger captures Bond and straps him to a table. It is a classic, makes me laugh and is rather sensational!”

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