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Guardian Angel

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First UK edition Moneypenny Diaries Guardian Angel
First UK edition Moneypenny Diaries Guardian AngelFirst edition US hardcover (2008)
First UK edition Moneypenny Diaries Guardian AngelKindle edition (2012)
‘My heart breaks for James’ – so begins the explosive, true, private diary of Miss Jane Moneypenny, Personal Secretary to Secret Services chief M and colleague and confidante of James Bond.

From her colonial childhood in Kenya to her death in 1990, Jane Moneypenny led an extraordinary, clandestine life. Positioned at the heart of British intelligence she had a ringside seat at the political intrigues that shaped world history. But, contrary to popular belief, she was not simply a bystander while James Bond saw all the action. As her diaries make startlingly clear, Miss Moneypenny played a central role in the build-up to the Cuban Missile Crisis and the threat of all-out nuclear war.

But a life of espionage has personal as well as political ramifications. For Jane Moneypenny the price was high. Romantic relationships were necessarily built on lies – sometimes on both sides – and you could not trust the motives of anyone. The impact of Jane Moneypenny’s career on her emotional life was even more profound as, with her access to classified information, she began to investigate the mysterious circumstances of her father’s presumed death while in service.

Guarding so many secrets with no one to confide in, she found herself breaking the first rule of espionage. Unbeknownst to anyone, she kept a diary. This became an outlet for her innermost thoughts and, despite the risk of discovery, for state secrets. It should never have been made public…
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Kate Westbrook (Samantha Weinberg)
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Madeline Meckiffe
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Den första boken i serien om Moneypennys dagböcker. De andra böckerna i serien är Secret Servant (gavs ut 2006) och Final Fling (2008).

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