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MAY 2014

By: Anders Frejdh
FSWL takes a look at the 64-page issue #29 (volume 10) of Cinema Retro, The Essential Guide to films of the 1960's and 1970's, edited by Lee Pfeiffer and Dave Worrall.

"Cinema Retro is a must for fans of movies from the ‘60s and ‘70s – and they didn’t have to pay me to say that!”- Sir Roger Moore

Highlights of issue 29 include:
• Mark Mawston presents coverage of the 40th anniversary of the British movie classic The Wicker Man (1973) starring Christopher Lee and Britt Ekland

• Lee Pfeiffer provides an exclusive interview with director William Friedkin about his controversial film Sorcerer (1977) which has just been released on Blu-ray and DVD

• Nicholas Anez examines the differences between Rio Bravo (1959) and El Dorado (1966)

• Howard Hughes continues his history of Oakmont Productions with a look at the low-budget WWII flick The Last Escape (1970) starring Stuart Whitman

• Cai Ross looks at why All President's Men (1976) boast one of the finest supporting casts of all time

Raymond Benson's 10 best films of 1988

• Don L. Stradley examines the downhill path of Hollywood's greatest leading ladies whose careers led to roles in low-budget horror films

• Darren Allison reviews the latest soundtrack releases

Plus, all the news about new DVD, Blu-ray and film book releases.

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