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MAY 2013

By: Anders Frejdh
FSWL previews the 64-page issue #26 (volume 9) of Cinema Retro, The Essential Guide to films of the 1960's and 1970's, edited by our good friends, Lee Pfeiffer and Dave Worrall. The new issue is available now, don't miss it.

"Cinema Retro is a must for fans of movies from the ‘60s and ‘70s – and they didn’t have to pay me to say that!”- Sir Roger Moore

Highlights of issue 26 include:
• Sam Peckinpah's controversial Straw Dogs (1971) is this issue's 12-page 'Film in Focus' special, with dozens of rare behind-the-scenes photos and interesting anecdotes by Peckinpah historian Mike Siegel.

• Major article looking at the US-financed 'Italian Western' The Five Man Army (1969), which brought together 'Mission Impossible's' Peter Graves and Italy's Bud Spencer, who take on a train filled with gold bullion in 'Spaghetti Western' style fashion, complete with Ennio Morricone score.

• Howard Hughes second instalment on Oakmont Productions' Sixties B-Movie war films covers David McCallum's Mosquito Squadron (1969)

• Gareth Owen's 'Pinewood Past' looks at Gregory Peck's The Most Dangerous Man in the World (1969, aka "The Chairman") shot at the studio.

• This issue's big exclusive interview is with the legendary Mel Brooks, who discusses his early career with Lee Pfeiffer.

• A look at Hammer's recently restored Dracula (1958), which includes scenes not seen in the UK and USA before!

• Mae West's Sextette (1978), George C. Scott's The Hospital (1971), and their regular round-up of movie-related soundtrack, book, and DVD reviews.

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